A Stranger In A Random Weather

Ten months ago in a dry season, in a warm night, we met accidentally. You blundered into my shoulder. You just said sorry, I said okay. Without recognizing each other, we walked slowly. In the middle of the night, we parted company without even care.

Eight months ago, the remnant of a rainy season bathes my garden. I saw you in front of my house. You were jog. You stopped for a while, stared at my red roses that planted right under my bedroom window. A handsome stranger who loves roses.

Six months ago, in a fine day, I saw the beautiful sky from bus stop when I waited for the next bus. But then, dark clouds hung above me. No need a long time, rain flushed the ground. You, under a wet newspaper, ran to the bus stop. You were stood beside me, hugged yourself. You should be very cold at that time. My bus came. Once more, we parted.

Four months ago, behind a cafe table, I wrote something about a stranger I’ve ever met. Well, it’s about you. But then, I decided to not to do that. When I was about to throw my paper, I saw you again. You walked alone under pour. So many raindrops in your face. Your eyes were red. Did you cry? My boy friend made me averted from you after that.

Two months ago, I was at the mall with my girls. It’s a sunny day, so I and my girls want to spend our free time together at the mall. They talked about our high school memories and about a boy whom I don’t know. I can’t remember most of their stories. A couple caught my attention. Oh God, that’s you! With a girl. I was fine and you’re still my handsome stranger. We didn’t even know each other.

And today, we meet again. I still do not know anything about you and let you disappear in your girlfriend’s loving embrace. I sink myself back to my world as a writer. Enough for me to see you. Well, maybe 2 months later will there’s a new book about you and you will never know that I introduce you to the world as A Stranger In A Random Weather.

Without she realize, the boy she talks about has known her. He has loved her since so long, he just never has bravery to accost her. And now, he just can stare at her like before, when he looked at her for the first time and only can said ‘Sorry’ because he blundered into her shoulder deliberately, when he looked at her who sat behind her window, when he looked at her at the bus stop, when he looked at her at the cafe and he just could be so sad because a man accosted her before he can do that, when he looked at her at the mall and his sister really wanted to know about her, and when he looked at her wrote something in a paper. Then his sister come and hugs him. They already have a promise to meet today.


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