Ponds Make It Happen

Actually, I don’t know about this competition until I opened my e-mail this morning. In the left side of my e-mail dashboard, there the place of this adv. I just opened it to see the pictures of the contestant -or maybe we can say as ‘people-who-uploaded-their-picture(s)’. There are some outstanding photos, because they took their pictures in photo studio,  and make me voted them. Suddenly, I remembered about my sister and my cousin.

I, my sister, and my cousin are not a “gank”, we just always together, I think almost every weekend we meet. I don’t know why, all of a sudden, I had an idea to upload our pictures. Well, it’s absolutely a hundred percents not me or my sister or my cousin, you know, following a contest -beauty contest-, that’s very NOT us! So, you can say it’s just a kicks action of me.

But, even though it’s just a kicks action, I still hope that everybody who read this post will vote for us. Just direct your cursor to the picture above and click it, then you will go to the page of us. After that, you just need to click VOTE (in a green box  in the right) and share it in twitter or facebook. Thank before 🙂


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