The Dragonfly Pool

Title: The Dragonfly Pool
Writer: Eva Ibbotson
Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books
Pages: 416 pages
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2008

I need about 5 months until I can read this book. I saw this book in a book store in Jakarta and this book isn’t sold in other book store, include Gramedia, only in Kinokuniya. When I finally got this book, I need at least a month to finish this book, I need to look for every new word in this book in dictionary. It was a little bit annoying, but I have to take a risk.

This book catches my attention and make me in love since the first time I saw it, because of the title and the name of the main character. But at that time, I couldn’t buy this book because I didn’t have enough money. So, when I homeward, I called my cousin to take this book for me.

The story of this book is about Tally Hamilton. She’s a daughter of a poor doctor, dr. Hamilton. Her father had to send her to a stuffy boarding school all because of the stupid war, but she didn’t want it. But when she already there, she realized that Delderton is not just any school. Eccentric, crazy, and inspiring. It’s the place of the gate of a wonderful adventure. There she met Matteo, who speaks 5 languages and longs for his mountain home. Matteo is her teacher who always help her in almost all of her problem. Tally is a type of little girl who thinks that all problems in this world is her problems.

One day, Delderton got a mail, an invitation from Bergania Kingdom to dance in front of the king in a Folk Dance Festival with so many children from other school from around of Europe. There, in the troubled kingdom of Bergania, Tally will prove herself to be braver than she knew and discover a deep and lasting friendship by the dragonfly pool. Do you want to know what will happen next? What is happening in Bergania? And what is the dragonfly pool? Look for this book and read it!

This book is an English book, so you better prepare a dictionary before you read it, because I promise you that there’s so many English words unusual use. This book will be a very good book for people who love English, who want to increase their skill in English, and an English student, like me. I learn more from this book, especially about vocabulary.

This book is a book for 9 years old children or older, but don’t think this book only contains a childish story. This book will make you thinking as a mature person from a child side. We will know that family and friendship can make us be a braver person, be a wise person, and  they do not care how far you go, you will comeback. Family and friendship is a home for your soul.


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