One Good Day, Forever

Good morning. The sky shows its brightness with a big yellow sun as its compliment. The birds wake up and prepare themselves to fly high and far looking for some worms to feed their cheepers. One by one, the dews fall from the sky and touch the leaves in every tree. Flowers blossom; those green, red, white, even black, their colors paint the day. Every window is opened and let the fresh air fill up the room inside. Ooh, I miss you every morning.

Good day. The sun is above my head now. Warm and soft, hug me like a blanket.  Under the sun, I can see all the trees covered by the moss and it looks perfect. Many red dragonflies are flying around, dancing in the air. The water in the river flows to its estuary. Deer, squirrels, swans, and all other animals get water for drinking from this little river and they love to spend their time watching the fish swim among the stones. Hey, let’s eat our lunch!

Good afternoon. I see the birds fly back to their nests. Their babies must be missing them so much. Oh wait! I smell something delicious. Wreaths of smoke billowing out of chimney and there is a Mama in her lovely kitchen, cooking for dinner. Her children are in the living room, waiting for Papa home-coming after working all day long. The sky is changing its dress; it is no longer blue and white, but purple, orange, and red now. It is the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen since you are here.

Good night. The sky is black and dark. Many stars decorate it seems like diamonds in a long beautiful black dress. If I could fly, I might see so many colorful lamps from every house, like candles in the dark and may be I could sit for a moment in the smile of the moon while watching the world shining in this middle of the night. Can you hear it? It is the sound of nature, the rhapsody. Crickets are singing among the grass while the wind blows softly and coldly. You hug me tightly to warm me and I like the way you do that gently. Have a nice dream, Love!


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