Transform The Nation, Whoever You Are

Agents of change, based on the theme, are a predicate for people in our generation where others believe we can make a difference for our nation. The difference here is a good difference in order to make a better nation. As people with higher education, we have all the things that a nation needs to be powerful; smart youth, global youth, and forward-looking youth. I do not think that we must make a peace machine to stop war, or down to the street to yell and burn the tires to show how angry we are, well, we just make another problem for our nation if we do that.

Transforming a nation means transforming the people, too. Transforming is the thing we do to make something old becomes new and better, but do not make us forget some good things about the old one. Transforming a nation to be a better a nation should be a goal for every youth in Indonesia, because now our nation is not just fine. There are so many things we have to change in this nation; from the mindset of people to the attitude of people, which is not an easy thing to do, but also not an impossible thing, if we start it from now.

As a student of English Literature, I find myself in the middle of a community where I can make many good efforts to transform this nation into a better nation. First thing I can do is being an English teacher for those younger. No, it is not an easy thing because not all people can be a good teacher, especially in English. Sometimes, when my sister went home after school, she asked some things she learnt at school about English and I did not understand why, the teacher of my sister taught the wrong thing to their students. As a student of English Literature, I am not only studying English all the time, I have learnt about Hanguk (Korean Language) and Lingua Latina (Latin), so maybe I also can teach those younger other languages beside English. By being a language teacher for those younger, I could transform the young generation into global people who can speaks not only their mother language, but also many languages from other countries which can make a good link for them to global lifestyle. I also could teach them how to act globally, make themselves as the part of international life. Remember, language is the best tool of communication ever.

The second thing I can do is being a translator. Be a translator is also not easy; do not like an amateur translator who learn English by English tutoring agencies which is only teaching daily conversation, English student also learns the culture, the lifestyle, the history, the personality, and many other things of foreigner which really helps us to translate English texts, scripts, and, of course, books. Translating English texts, scripts, and books is not easy as what people see; we have to read it, understand it, reconstruct it, get the right word for it, make it similar with the source language, and any thing else that ordinary people could not imagine how hard it is actually. By being a translator, I could transform our nation into a better nation through the texts, scripts, and books I translated, especially the books from developed nations. By their books, our nation could learn how to develop itself to be more advanced in many things, especially economical, political, and educational.

The third thing I can do is being a blogger. Why not? By blogging, I could transform this nation, because I am using English in blogging and I could share everything on my blog. I, as a student of English Literature, could share my knowledge on my blog, let the people of my nation learn about it, too, which is may help the people indirectly to developing our nation. By blogging, I also can be a businesswoman and sell many stuffs to the foreigners and get the link to the international life and befriend with international people which is also helping to develop our nation, because by befriending with international people, I could learn directly from them about developing a nation to be a bigger nation. I also could be a famous blogger if I am trying and introduce our nation to the world which is not Jakarta, Bali, Lombok, Raja Ampat, and Bunaken only. Do not you think it will invite many foreign investors to come to our nation to see many unspoiled places in Indonesia?

The fourth thing I can do is being anything I want. Why do I say that? Because it is the reality. As a student of English Literature I can be anything I want because almost all jobs today need someone who can speaks English well and professionally and with this chance, I could transform our nation into a better nation. I could be a public speaker who introduces Indonesia to the world and I also could be an international economist and political scientists –because sometimes I also learn about them– to change the mindset of our nation that full of corruption, collusion, and nepotism. I could be an international writer who writes an English best seller book from Indonesia and also I could be a businesswoman who has link to global world. Well, I can do anything to transform our nation just by being myself and using my education

The conclusion of all my explanation above, actually, is taking advantages of your education with the best. Study well today, work hard tomorrow, and change the world in the day after tomorrow. Do not just listen to western music or watch their movies, but understand it and learn from it. For example are the novel and the movie of Pride and Prejudice. Pride and Prejudice is written by Jane Austen, one of the most popular writers of her time. For you who have watched this movie, do not you enjoy it? Yes, it is a very good movie with Keira Knightley as the star, but do not you think that movie is based on the fact of real England in 1800’s? Not that far, I guess. By Pride and Prejudice, English literature students learn about the past of England, the land of English, where the life is not so good for women at that time; women have to look for men with large fortune to marry them and give them higher social status. From that book too, we learn about gender and feminism. See, English students are not only learning English, we learn more and a lot.

I believe that other disciplines also do more than what people think. I believe that the students of Economy are not only studying about calculating many numbers and get the result of it. I believe that the students of Social and Politic are not studying only about debating in a forum and giving a strong argument to make people believe that they are true. I believe that students of Law are not only studying about judging people in a trial and remembering every chapter in the state’s constitution. I believe that the students of medical school are not studying only about human’s illness and how to cut human’s body. I believe that the students of Engineers are not only studying about making machine and fixing the broken one. As the agents of change we can do more than what we learn everyday. As the youth of this nation we could transform this nation into a better nation just by using our education and developing it, do not only stuck in it. As the agents of change, we should be the people who think globally, but act nationally.

Our nation, Indonesia, now is currently in a long sleep. Hundred years before now, our nation has been known as the most powerful nation, where the people known as the very powerful and full-of-good-ideas people. Our predecessors fought against the colonialism to be independent and now is the time for us, the youth, to prove that our nation never change its personality.

 One day, I will be Indonesia’s ambassador to the UK 😀


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