Indonesia Fashion Week, The Craziest Dream of Mine

fashion_week_poland_by_princess_of_dreamFashion Week? Yes! But, I am not a designer and I do not even know how to design a dress. Hahahaha 😆 That is why the title of this post is The Craziest Dream of Mine.

I love fashion. What kind of girl does not like fashion? Fashion is alive around us, in our daily life, anywhere we are. One time I dreamed about a fashion catwalk when I slept. Seriously, a dream!  In that dream, I saw myself looked so proud for what I have done, opening a fashion week, Indonesia Fashion Week. I was the designer of all dresses! Insane!

I saw myself led all people. The event made Jakarta, precisely at Welcome Monument, which was closed down permanently for a night. I had many models at that night, they were ready to walk from four compass direction right after the soundtrack of 500 Days of Summer, The Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition, was on. 

It was like a magic because none of Jakarta’s citizens were angry by the closing of their main street. They even looked amaze, happy, and proud. What a crazy dream, I thought.

But, well, that was only dream. Very spectacular and very unbelievable at once and I still, until now, do not know how I can dream a fashion week. I love that dream 😀


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