Walking Down The StreetI saw you again this morning.

It has been two years since I am in love with you. Everyday always same; waiting for the magic stop by. No, do not think that I am spying on you. It is always magic that make my eyes accidentally on you, no matter how crowded people around you.

“What doth thee like about him?” asked a friend. I myself do not even know what.

I hate you. Yes, I hate you a lot. I hate you for passing me by for so long. Passing me for many other girls who make you sad and even hate me, too. World has conspired to make us separate, huh? Hahahahaha. I hate you, you must know that.

But still, I can not take my eyes over you. Every time I see your back walk away down the corridor, through the crowded people to nowhere, I keep my eyes stare at you till you disappear in the corner, as if I am afraid of losing you, the one I wish I never had had. Seriously, I think it will be more romantic if we were never ever together.

Ironic, that would be my middle name and you in your brown jacket keep moving away.


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