Malaysia and My Miles Away Home

malaysia____by_the_golden_princess-d3kkmugHere I am now, the redragonfly now is in Malaysia and will report several things directly from this country. Hundreds or perhaps thousands miles I have traveled to get to this place to do my student service, one of compulsory course in my university.

I will be here for almost a month, precisely for 24 days, and I have been here since 4th of June. Herein, I will try to catch many new experiences as possible  because it is my first time going to abroad, and my first time so far away from my home and my family. Seriously, I miss them for every single time I spend here.

It is my third day here. Since first, I have learnt enough about Malaysian education, culture, habit, and even the time zone, which is same with my hometown, Makassar, but it has a totally different situation, especially about the time for praying. For education, as one of the commonwealth member, Malaysia adopted the way of Britain; we can not immediately move to university after high school, but we need to take college first.

The culture of Malaysia is the unique one, because between Malaysia in Semenanjung and Malaysia in Borneo, it has different view of culture; in Malaysia in Borneo, cultures has blended into one and has similar situation with Indonesia where there are so many celebration of mores, but Malaysia in Semenanjung limited themselves to do not be too blend with another culture, so there are still partitions between three big races of this country, they are Melayu, Chinese, and India.

Malaysian habit, especially on the street, makes my all thumbs up. They really know how to drive safely and how to appreciate the hikers; they stop their car every time they see a hiker wants to cross the road and they will say sorry if it was forced to stop at the crossing paths, which is better than you still drive in your car like crazy, even though you see that there is someone who need you to stop only for 5 seconds.

The time zone of Malaysia is the very surprising thing for me. In Indonesia, I got used to seeing the sun had set before 6 pm, but here the sunset happens in 7.30 pm! It surprised me a lot, because as an Indonesia moslem, after the sun had set is the time for me to do my Maghrib pray, and in Malaysia I must do it in 7. 30 pm, which is in Indonesia it is already the Isya pray. So, yeah, it is a problem for me.

Do not ask me how I miss my home! Even at the first time my sneakers touch the ground of Malaysia, I miss Indonesia and my miles away home so much; especially my parents, my brother, and my sister. I miss my home atmosphere and all the things in it, but I must stay here, in Malaysia, till 2nd of July, and I really want the time move fast to that day of back to home.

Well, I guess it is all I can share to you all for now, because I had just 3 days of being in this country and there is no enough picture to show to you and also I forget to bring my usb cable. Sorry 😛


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