Overseas KKN – Study Hard, Play HARDER!


The overseas KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) a.k.a International Student Community Service of Hasanuddin University, my campus, has done! Yay 😀 I have returned to Makassar on 2 July 2013 with carrying so many experiences, stories, and memories that will never be forgotten forever and ever .

Spent almost a month in Malaysia, well, I have tons of story and I will bring it to you guys one by one. Actually, now I do not know where to start. Hahahahaha. Too many things I want to share here and I am afraid this big space won’t enough for it.

Okay, let me begin! Malaysia and its people totally impressed me. They impressed me with their clean environment, stunning great buildings, races of people, awesome traffic regulation -that I could not find in Indonesia-, and so on. Kuala Lumpur, Alor Setar, and Penang Island are some cities that I have visited in Malaysia and made me in love so much at the first sight.

Kuala Lumpur as the capital city of Malaysia and has the amazing twin towers, Petronas, and so many malls, which I could not visit one by one, really amazed me. I love the environment of this city where I could see many kinds of people in many races, colors, and religions which gathers as one unity. I loved to see how those people blend into one in a trade, conversation, and even fight over trivial things. I loved to see how their cars stopped before the red light on, how their people waited for the green light on, and I loved to see every single cafe in this city that could serve so many delicious and unique menu.

Alor Setar, actually, was not really impressed me because I did not give as much attention to this city as the other cities. But I have one good point for this city that is how the government develop this city. It is not a big city, but it has so many things a big city has, like a good trade arrangements, good city planning, government’s concern for pedestrian safety, and so on. I could see that they put fencing to restrict pedestrian and highway, make a mall, hotel, and office in one building to make it easier for business guest, and they planned lots of trees around this city.

Penang IslandPenang Island impressed me as much as Kuala Lumpur. Penang Island is the ex-capital city of Malaysia and also the second richest city of Malaysia after Selangor. There are so many beautiful houses there and I cannot stop myself to pick which one is the most beautiful because all house is beautiful. In this city also there are so many apartment buildings and no wonder that people said that this city grows up because it really grows to up with that many of apartment buildings. The other beautiful side of this city is George Town where I saw lots of old historical buildings which its beauty still maintained by the local government. Banks, cafes, boutiques, restaurants, all those make this city contain much wonderful things to be shared.

Now, move to Thailand! I love Thailand! Seriously, I do! I spent only one day there, but the people of this country make the memories of this country will be last longer even forever in my mind and my heart. I met so many new friends, friends who are friendly, fun, and very funny. Though they cannot speak English well, but it did not restrict us from a very pleasant conversation, even till I returned to Indonesia we still have a very fun conversation, but most with me who tried very hard to understand what they said to me in English 😆8803_512985928756250_398333715_n

How they welcomed me and my friends, that I think more formal and more fun than the way of Malaysian people did, left a deep impression for me personally. They draped flowers to my neck and, actually, it was my first time got a flowers draped, and it was very memorable for me. By the way,  though the country is not as well-organized as Malaysia’s, but Thailand has tons of charming boys, and it helped to refresh my eyes so much. Hahahahaha. I love Thailand 😀cats

So, that is all I can say about my long journey in Malaysia and Thailand which full of experiences, new friends, and memories that I will never ever ever forget forever. I really wish that someday I could back to Malaysia and Thailand again 😀


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