What Does An Unemployment Do?

lazy_morning_by_marialivia16-d3g0fosI have no more idea what to write after wasting my time in this unemployment world. As what I wrote after my graduation, I emphasize, IT IS A JUNGLE, INDEED! I have only two choices in this kind of world: enjoy this jungle or be crazy because of it. Now, I found myself is on the way to be crazy after enjoying it for 3 months. I feel ENOUGH! Do you feel me?

And what does an unemployment do? I actually have a list of it.

First, be a maid in parents’ house. I sweep and mop the floor, wash the dishes and clothes, and help my Momma cooking. All of those things are not paid! Yes, no salary because I am a daughter and it is my responsibility to help my parents cleaning their house as long as I live with them 😐 I am seriously sick of it. I mean, I studied for 3 years and a half in university not for this, for being a maid, even if it is for my parents. I am not typical future-dream-housewife, right? 😛

Second, enjoy my hobby that I cannot do when I did my thesis. I am listening to music and watching Korean drama almost every single day now. Yeah, a very professional unemployment person! But, I need to keep my ears open because my Momma will keep calling (or yelling) my name every single second to help her doing this and that and bla bla bla. Well, sometimes, it is almost impossible for me to have the me-time kind of thing, unless it is midnight :/

Third, try to enjoy what I do not like, politics. I  do not like politics. I hate it! But since I graduated and still unemployment until now, I try to enjoy it. Indonesia, my country, is having a big issue of President election now. There are these two persons who really want to lead this country for the next five years, but both of them have bad aspects, so I am still not sure which one of them I will choose. In the other side, my parents already have their choice and, want it or not, I must listen to their steady support for one candidate, especially my Momma, she is a die hard fan of one of candidates like if opinion could kill, the other candidate is dead now.

Fourth, try to find a job. Of course! That is what an unemployment person should, must, and have to do every day and night. I even have joined about 4 or 5 websites of job vacancies and keep looking at them like I cannot live a day without them. For the first time in forever, I read the job vacancy part of newspaper every morning instead of my favorite one, celebrity gossip. When I open my twitter, what I search first is job vacancies like I CANNOT LIVE A DAY WITHOUT IT! 😡

Fifth, join every single job fair and career expo in town. I already have 5 or 6 account of job fair organizer just to find out their schedule in my town and until now, none of them are successful giving me a job. Some companies have contacted and interviewed me, but unfortunately, luckiness is still far from me 😥 Someone has told me that she has joined about 27 job fairs before getting her job now, I just have joined 4 job fairs, so I still need 23 job fairs left? Oh God!!!

Sixth, watch Running Man and fall in love to Kang Gary and Ha Dong Hoon. What is Running Man? Who are Kang Gary and Ha Dong Hoon? Running Man is a famous Korean TV show which has been very well known among Indonesian young people, includes me. This show involves Korean celebrity: singers, actors and actress, models, MCs, rappers, comedians, and so on, and in this show, they all become quizzical people. Kang Gary and Ha Dong Hoon are two of the casts of this show and they are the best because they are my favorite 😀 I spend all night long, from Monday to Friday, to watch them and to laugh at them. I guarantee, you wont stop laughing if you watch this show. Not only kills the time, it also kills aging 😛

Well, that is all I can share about my unemployment activities during this unexpectedly long unemployed period. I really wish that I can find a job soon, so I do not need to be a maid or to join any job fair again because it really is exhausted. Anyone who read this post, please help me, pray for me, so I can get a job soonest, in Makassar, Jakarta, or, in a piece of heaven on earth, Bali XD


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