Dream of Future Home

home_by_julyshewolf-d55ciuaFew days before, NO, few months before, or since a year ago, I am not sure, but let me try to start this post 😀 I do not know since when I start to design my future home. I love to put my eyes on a picture of beautiful design of houses, bedrooms, kitchens, gardens, and even bathrooms. I see home design on house website, twitter, and anywhere I can find it. I am getting crazy about it!

But, it is actually hard to design my future home. I am a kind of person who wants too much till I myself cannot handle it. When I see a design of home, I want it, and when I see another design, I want it, too! Yeah, I am like a person who has too much money hahahahaha 😆

How will it look, the house I want? Hmm, let me try to explain you a bit. I want the design of my future home is about simplicity, but futuristic. I know, I am a victim of sci-fi movie. I want my future home is big, but not too big. I want it has at least 5 bedrooms with bathrooms in each. I want to learn cooking soon as I have my own, so I need a big space for my future kitchen with complete equipment, of course. I want the lights in on automatically right at the time when my feet step on it and off manually―I hate darkness. I want it has many windows, many big and tall windows. I want a private library, too, on the first floor, it is the thing that my future home must have, no matter what. Oh yeah, I want my future home to be two stories.

It is actually hard to explain with words, so I think I want to share you some photos, that I found everywhere, that I want to use as my references when I finally get to the time I have enough money to build my perfect future home. Here they are:

The touch of nature of just modern?

I, actually, still cannot decide, I want a house with a touch-of-nature look or just modern? I like modern look of a house, but I also want to add the touch of nature for my future home, so I hope my future architect will understand me so well.

Layout references

Those are, basically, how I want my future home looks like. Simple, but stunning and accommodate all I want: big cozy living room, master chef standard kitchen, a cool library, futuristic corridor, and many windows here and there.

Garden should be like a piece of paradise

I want the front garden full of green and flowery plants, to please my Mama, a big fan of plants and gardening. But I want the opposite look for the rear garden. I want it simple, with only green grass and, maybe, a few small plants just to make it a bit cheerful, and a pool. I want to have a pool one day. I like playing on water, kind of unhappy-childhood 😛

Best place to spend “me-time”

Sometimes, I wish that I could have a home out of town. Far from frenetic urban, close to nature. That is why I want the bathrooms in my future home have big windows also. So, every time I take a bath, I will feel like I do it in a middle of a forest. Awesome! I also want the bathroom pleasant and futuristic. I am a person who loves spending hours in bathroom: I can sing, read, and day-dream in a bathroom, it is easy to find some brilliant inspirations in bathroom, so I want the bathroom is perfect!

Romantic and adorable are a must!

Bedrooms should be simple, romantic, adorable, and thematic. I want the bedrooms become the best room of all where every member of family cannot live without. I want my bedroom completes with those stars light on ceiling, it is just beautiful 😀 Bedrooms in my future home do not allow to have levels or stairs or kind of thing, it is dangerous for my future children. Yes, I am thinking about that, too hahahahaha.

I know it looks like I have planned to be damn rich. You know, it is just a dream of my future home. I hope it can come true, but if it is not, I hope I do not be sad because it is just for fun to spend time. I love designing home and rooms in it, so yeah, I think I can keep on searching for completing my future home. May God can read it, so God can help me in making it true soon 😀

“You can go other places, all right – you can live on the other side of the world, but you can’t ever leave home.” ― Sue Monk Kidd, The Mermaid Chair

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”  ― Maya Angelou, All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes


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