When I Listen To A Song

keep-calm-and-listen-songsI came to this random thought about song last night. Song is a part of human life―you listen to a song when you are happy or you are sad, when you are high or you are low―you listen to it in almost every single part of your life, but I guess some of you still wondering what makes song and music different? It is actually not what I am going to talk about, but I want to make it clear first. So, music is a part of a song because a song is a music with lyrics. Is it clear enough? Good then! If it is not, you can always use Google to find the answer of your every question 😛 Now, let me jump to the real thing I want to talk about: song, NOT music!

I am sure some of you listen to a song because of who the singer is, but not a few who like a song because of many other reasons. I myself like to listen to a song not because of who the singer is. I do not deny the fact that sometimes a song is famous because of the name of the singer, but I found that there are some songs with not-famous-yet singers worth listening to also. For me, I have three reasons to fall to a song I listen to.

First reason is the music. I love to listen to a song with a fun music and, sometimes, I love it when it is calming. The songs I love to listen to because of the music are:

  1. Me and My Broken Heart by Rixton
  2. Hanya Karena Cinta by The Groove
  3. Midnight Bottle by Colbie Caillat
  4. Falling in Love at A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg
  5. Rude by Magic!
  6. Make A Wish on Whispered Stars by Secret Babies
  7. Geu Dae Ji Geum (그대지금) by Lim Jung Hee (임정희)

I put seven songs of many of my favorites above and you can see that I love songs even from various languages. If I like the music, I will listen to it and put it on my favorite list, though I do not understand the meaning, it does not matter me at all. Listen to them and, I hope, you will understand why I love them for their music. Well, you know, not every musician can make a sad situation, a broken heart moment, becomes a very fun music or love at the first sight at a coffee shop somewhere in this planet Earth becomes super romantic or foreign language becomes so touching without the need of me to understand what the singer sings about, right?

Second reason is the lyric. I love to listen a song with meaningful lyric. It does not need to be super-duper romantic or full of wise words, if it has something meaningful, something hard to find in another song, has something creative, I definitely will love it. Here are five of songs I love by the lyric:

  1. Let Her Go by The Passenger
  2. One Fine Wire by Colbie Caillat
  3. When You Love Someone by Endah N Rhesa
  4. Not A Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake
  5. Bye Bye by Raisa

I believe many of you know three of songs above very well. So, it is not hard for me to make you understand why those songs worth listening to because of the lyrics. I do not know who the writer of those lyrics but I respect them so much for becoming so creative in stringing words into beautiful lyrics. I mean, no man in this world will interpret his feeling of losing his girl like:

Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
― The Passenger

See? A guy who says this to the girl he loves is the guy to die for. Definitely!
Or if you are a girl who just got dumped by a heartless guy, listen to Bye Bye:

Hey girl, you know you’re a queen
If he doesn’t appreciate you
Then it’s time to say …
Bye bye

Now, the third reason that makes me in love to a song is its long-trip-mate aspect. Seriously, I am not kidding! I do find some songs which have compatibility with long trips which means they are must listen songs for trips, wherever I go. They are:

  1. I’m Yours by Jason Mraz
  2. Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap
  3. Sunday Morning by Maroon5
  4. A Thousand Miles by Vannesa Carlton

Several years ago, I had a long trip from Makassar to Bali. I took a 2-hour flight to Surabaya first, then had a 9-hour road-trip to Banyuwangi, and continued by using ferry for 45 minutes from Ketapang Port to Gilimanuk Port, and last, a 3-hour road-trip to Denpasar, the capital of Bali. What a long unforgettable trip! I listened to Sunday Morning and I’m Yours again and again and again at that time. Since that, I felt these songs match for a long trip: they sound so holiday for my ears. Years after, when I went to Jakarta, alone, I added two more songs, Sweet Disposition and A Thousand Miles. I went to Malaysia and Thailand last year for a month accompanied by these four songs and, yeah, they are such good friends. Sweet Disposition always be my favorite for reminding me of the best scene in (500) Days of Summer when Tom and Summer were on the train and the twilight shines through the window, that was totally super romantic trip for these two lovey-dovey. I wish I can have such a romantic trip with someone only-God-knows-who one day―my husband, I hope 😀

Those are all I can share about how I fall into a song when I listen to it, I suppose. Some of you may have similar criteria or not, it is actually based on our taste, and our taste of a song is based on our own environment and experience, a research said so 😛 I hope I can add more songs for long trip because I am still so lack of it compared to other reasons. Do not forget to listen my favorites above, you may love it, too, or you can start to make your own list, perhaps 😀

“Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.” ― Yip Harburg


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