Let’s Talk About Soulmate

Axioo PreweddingSoulmate. What is the definition of soulmate for you? For me, it is derived from two words: soul and mate. Soul is something that makes you alive and mate is partner, so soulmate means a partner that makes you alive 😛 I came to another random thought again tonight hahahahaha. I myself do not know why I think about soulmate all of a sudden.

Well, I guess it comes from the fact that I must start thinking about it―soulmate―from now on because I am no longer a little girl, I am feeling 22, and I am indeed 22, a proper age to have a marriage with a creature named “male” in form of human, and my family also, in these several days, always tease me by saying, “Go get marry soon!” and I am just like WHAT?! They say it like it is just turning my hand over 🙄

Okay, that was quite long for an opening. Next!

Some people believe soulmate is a person that legend says as a part of our soul. I have read somewhere that there is a Greek legend about soulmate which says that God made human, male and female, as one body initially. They did everything together and even stronger than us today because they were two in one. They later thought they could climb the Olympus mountain, where the Gods lived, to fight the Gods and to defeat the Gods, so they could take over the Olympus. But Gods were smarter, they knew it even before human climbed the Olympus and when human tried hardly to climb the Olympus, Gods showed their power: they separated human into two so they were no longer strong enough to climb the Olympus. Gods even made them separated in great distance, so it was hard for them to meet again, and that was when human started to search for a part of their soul, their soulmate, until today.

So, that is why it is hard for me to find my soulmate 😐 Gods separated us even before we were born to this world, even a thousand years before our parents met their soulmates and planned to make us 😐 It is kinda hard to think, isn’t it? 😐

But, well, let us forget that. That is just a legend, a Greek legend with the Greek Gods. I live in Indonesia where most people do not believe in the existence of Gods and only believe in Allah SWT, the only God, the True Creator. Our knowledge about Greek Gods is only about Hercules, Clash of The Titans and Wrath of The Titans, Troy, series of Percy Jackson, Game of Thrones,  c. s.

Here in this post, I want to share about some criterion of perfect soulmate―or best soulmate because no one is perfect, that is how most people say it―based on my religion, Islam. So, in Islam, we have five criterion in our searching for soulmate and I found out about it from my uncle who used these criterion to find his soulmate, his wife. I know you must be curious, especially the Muslims 😛 I do not know where he got these criterion, but the reason he shared me is acceptable for me, so here they are:

❤ Religion

It is important to know your soulmate has a religion or not, believe in God or not, because if they did not believe in God, how can you believe in them? I believe that every single person who lives in this world needs to have a religion to lead their steps because your religion shows you what is good and wrong, so you wont be lost in this life, and every religion must be having a God they worship, whom they pray to and they believe in to. In my case, I must find a good Muslim male and even with better understanding about Islam than me, so he can be a good leader for me and our future kids. Acceptable? Absolutely!

❤ Educated

Yes, education is also important. The best soulmate has to be an educated person. You absolutely wish to have a good life with your soulmate and you definitely want your soulmate is someone who can make a better life for you. Well, it is hard for everyone to have affluent life, it takes a hard work and struggle for granted even for everyone with education―unless you are Paris Hilton or one of Kardashian clan―, what if your soulmate is not educated? Imagine it by yourself. Can I check the acceptable box? Yes, check!

❤ Financially Stable

It is a continuation from previous point and it is actually a very important part for every lady out there. Some idiot people believe they can live with love only, like love can buy them food and make them full and wont make them sleep under the sky as their roof. Well, that last one sounds a bit romantic if it is in case you and your soulmate is in honeymoon in one of famous hotels somewhere in Africa which offers their guests to sleep under the moonlight, literally. But, it will be different if it means you and your soulmate do not have money to buy a house. How is that? Yes, love is important, that is a part of soulmate meaning, but love will slowly fade and  then disappear if you do not have a financially stable life, and one way to have it is to have a financially stable soulmate. For gentlemen, it is not materialistic, it is rationalistic. No parents in this world want to let their daughters live in poverty soon after they say “I do” to you. But ladies, do not let yourself depend on boys only, get your ass off and make your own money! Gentlemen are not your ATM machine, you should make your own and be proud of it. Acceptable! Of course!

❤ Good Descent

You should know the family of your soulmate first before you say he/she is the one. It does not mean he/she has to come from a very well-known or wealthy family. Of course not! You just have to make sure he/she is not coming from a family with criminal records or addicted to drugs or having HIV AIDS or kind of things, because the characteristics of a person made by his/her environment and the very first environment of a person is the family. No, I do not judge them, it is made for keeping you away of every bad thing may happen if you lived with a person with bad childhood because it influences someone to every single part of him/her when they grow up, psychology said so. So, yes, it is also acceptable.

❤ Good-Looking

Aha! This part is an interesting one. Cannot be denied that the very first thing you see from someone is his/her look before you decide to get to know his/her more. My family always say that a good looking partner is a good thing to show in family gathering, so it is important, at least in my family 😛 Actually, if your soulmate has met with all previous points, this good-looking point is not so important anymore because, you know, what is the meaning of good-looking if you did not have all the others? But, it is a plus plus plus point if your soulmate meet all points, of course 😀

I also have my own additional criteria: my soulmate must love my family, especially my parents. My family is always on the top of my priority, so, the one who wants to spend the rest of his life with me do not love me only, but must love my family also. It is one of most important point, even more important than good-looking point.

By the way, I have found a guy who met all those points above. I found him about three weeks ago, but do not meet him in person yet. Finally found him! BUT, he may not be my soulmate, I do not know, no one knows, only God knows it is him or not, but I can pray, wish, and hope it is him, right?

Seriously, he is a Muslim, educated, financially stable, good descent, and good-looking at once. He is one of a kind, one in a million―a very rare species. Plus, he loves his mother so much, so, I think, he can love my parents as well. However, only God knows. I just met him a few weeks, I know him nothing more than just a-man-who-met-all-the-criterion. It takes time to decide whether he is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with or not, and I also do not know he likes me or not 😛

For all of you who want to use the criterion above to find your soulmate, remember one important rule: gentlemen were made to hunt and ladies were made to be hunted. So, it is the gentlemen who must fight and show love more, but ladies, do not act like you are the only lady in this world because you are not, so do not be so expensive, not so cheap also. Best of luck for me and for all of you and let’s find our soulmate!

“Heart to heart we speak the same language.” ― Innocent Mwatsikesimbe, What is Love? – A Collection of Poems


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