Postgraduate Fact

Spring Commencement, Graduation, jkPostgraduate is what every student in this world wishes to get even since the very first time they step their feet on the university ground. I have felt that kind of feeling and I also have felt  the feeling of graduate. It was like the big gate is finally opened to welcome you to the new world, a whole bright world, where you seem like able to reach every possibility to be a very successful person with the title you finally bear on your shoulders as a graduate, especially university (or college) graduate.

Why do we want to graduate soon as possible? Because we think that we can easily get a job after we graduate, but what we do not know is it is not true!

When you become a freshman of university, become a student who ready to study harder than in high school with limited time for having fun―unless you have a good time management, which most of the kids do not―, your lecturer will make an opening by saying this to you:

“Study hard and you will get your dream job right after you graduate. Note it! Underline it! Trust me!”

Have you heard such thing? I do not know exactly whether it is also applied by the lecturers from other countries or not, but in Indonesia, the lecturers said this and most students―includes me―believe in this. You know what, DO NOT BELIEVE IT!

The fact is:


You may have watched some movies about postgraduate moment where the main actor or actress try hard to find a job. It seems like if they could, they would climb the highest mountain just to get a job. It needs so much pep to attend one job fair to another job fair, so much cost to send your application to more than one company, and uncountable wishes for your application to be noticed and accepted, at least, by one of the companies you send your application to.

You know, you may talk to yourself “Ah, that is easy to do. It is not that hard” when you read this, but you should know, a company always has a reason to reject you. You need to know that most company now do not care if you are a cum laude or magna or summa, if you are not what-they-are-looking-for, then you are not! Most company now also do not care if you are an overseas graduate. No matter how far you study, if you do not meet their requirements, then you do not! The reasons a company may use to reject your application and you, right at the interview or even before it, such as:

  1. You are not the person we are looking for―no further explanation for this, only them and God know what kind of person they are looking for
  2. You are not fulfilled the requirements―it is usually about experience or your ability in using this and that computer application you never know exist in this world
  3. You are too good for the position―seriously, they use this reason also, my friend got it 😐
  4. They say “We will call you later” and there is no “call you later” even if you wait forever.

See? Do you now realize how hard it is to win a heart of a company to be a part of it? Remember, they always have a reason to reject you for you are worse or better than they need for their available position.

When you do not get any rejection words above finally get a job, be careful, because there is always a reason to resign, especially if the job you get is not your dream job or your passion. Reasons people always use to resign, such as:

  1. It is not the job I want―”Why do you apply for it, then?” asked someone and you said, “Because there is no other choice” 😛
  2. Too many things to do and my salary is too low
  3. Too many overtime, my body is not fit for it
  4. I do not like the environment
  5. I do not like the atmosphere― 😆
  6. I do not like the people
  7. I do not do anything at all―this reason belongs to me and it is true, there is a job vacancy made for being nothing. Is it only on my previous office?
  8. and many other reasons you can find by yourself because creativity appears when you need it the most.

People around me always told me that I will easily get a job right after I graduate because I am a smart girl, I am a good-looking person, and I have a very zippy personality. This kind of compliments or words of encouragement is what makes me―or you, also―feel in the clouds and have a super high confidence to graduate soon with no worry at all about being a jobless person. This thing also is what makes us blind of every single great possibility to take in front of our eyes, like me; I have missed a scholarship to be a lecturer when it stands right before me, and now I want it so bad. Thank God that I still have a chance to get it next year. But, what if I could not get it? What if your chance came once only?

Dear students, please, do not graduate so soon before you think carefully about your future. You should have what people call PLAN B and be sure about it. I have experienced it and my PLAN A―work on foreign company, become an editor, become an ambassador―does not work and when I want to make the PLAN B, I do not know what I really want.

I made myself preparing various plans without thinking about the risk. I did not think that I would not get it and I was not ready to face a fact that I could not get what I have planned. I forget about my passion. Yes, passion is important! What your passion is, you should know that first before planning lots of things inside your head about your postgraduate.

Do not be like me, I forget that I love writing and English. I focused myself on searching for fabulous job with fabulous salary, but I did not prepare myself to face a fact that there is no fabulous job with fabulous salary for a fresh graduate with no experience at all like me. In fact, if you are looking for your passion, the amount of salary wont matter you at all.

So, dearest readers―especially students―, do not be too ambitious to graduate soon. It is better for you to develop your skill first by joining an extracurricular based on your hobby and your passion. It can be categorized as experience also because you already have the basic. Shame on me did not join any extracurricular when I was in university when I could join writing club, photography club, debate club, or many else, and just busy running after a cum laude degree which, later I realize, give me nothing but a compliment.

Well, it is your right to graduate soon or later, but do not forget to prepare yourself in facing the truth that graduation is indeed a beginning, a gate of a jungle―a real world― where you must fight to survive. Do not forget your passion! Do not let yourself one day wake up on your 40th birthday with bitter realization that you have wasted your time doing a job you hate.


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