My 2014 in A Wrap!

2015It is almost another new year again. Time indeed gone with the wind, in a blink of eyes. Seems so brief for some people, so long for some others. It is so long for me, by the way. No hard feeling, but it is a super boring year of mine. But, well, that is not the topic of this post because I actually have some things that belongs to this year to share. Some good things, not the boring ones, of course. I do not like making people sleepy while reading my blog.

But first, today―the 30th of December―, is my Papa’s birthday. Happy 57th birthday, Papa. Allah SWT blesses you all the time for being so patient in facing your fretful wife and naughty children. Please, do not complain me all the time about the nonexistence of your photo in my phone. It is not because I do not love you, it is just because we do not have enough time to spend together since you are so busy working in somewhere over the rainbow―in a far far far away place. Love you, Pap!

So, I began this year with running to here and there to chase my lecturer. Yes, it was all about my beloved thesis that finally done before the deadline. Well, in March 19th 2014, I finally graduated as a bachelor of art for English literature. At the same day, right at the night, I decided to wear hijab. Yeay! It was the best decision I made of the year. Do you want to see me in hijab? I kinda want to show my new look off 😛

She is my partner in crime since born, my sister.
With my partner in crime since born, my sister. Ignore her idiot expression. How do I look? 😀

After that, I finally experienced what people call WORK and it did not feel as fun as what people said. Actually, no one said it would be fun, but I did not know that it would be not fun so much!!! I had experienced two jobs, two different jobs, and I had posted it previously, so, you guys might have read how much I did not like those jobs like hell! 👿

Then, the government of my country opened a recruitment to be a civil servant, a job that I never imagined to take, unless they offer me at least ten millions rupiah as my starting salary, which is impossible. But my mother, the queen, really really really wanted me to be one and, as usual, I could not say no to her. I am still waiting for the announcement of the test’s result now and now also, I am still waiting for a call from a big company in my city that had interviewed me last month for a position in their new hotel. So, fingers crossed for the best.

Time flew again to the next months with me working my ass off even harder to find a new job while waiting those two, but there was still no one until I realized that I want to be a writer. HA! To be a writer is an ultimate dream for me. I always want to be a writer. I started out wanting to be a writer since I was a little girl and I finally wrote something that I could call as a story for my novel-to-be in the end of this year. But, there is no YEAY yet for this because I am still not sure that the story is good enough or selling enough to publish. I do not have enough bravery yet to send it to a publisher also 😛

By the way, it was also a hard year to get through because this year I got a pile of wedding invitations from my friends―even more than my parents― and I could attend none of them. Well,  I was not envy or insecure for attending such occasion. I know I do not even have a boyfriend 😳 , but it was not that. I swear! No one could drive me to the place where they held and I know my friends would understand this classic true excuse of mine because it is the truth. I swear!―I swear a lot here 😐 So, yeah, for every single-girl in this world, you have me here, do not worry, you are not alone 😆

I think that is all I can say about my 2014. Once again, not a good year, however, I have been successfully through it and it deserves to celebrate with a post. YEAY, I AM STILL ALIVE!

Well, I never made any new year resolution, but for 2015, I wish I could have a good job that I will not quit as soon as I am hired―like before― and, dear God, please, give me a trip next year. I need to leave this city for a moment. Send me to anywhere, Bali or else. You know I love traveling and I have been stuck here since last year with no trip, no journey, no no no. I need it next year. Seriously need it.

To end this post, I deliver my deep condolence to the family of the passengers of Air Asia QZ8501. It was a horrible accident for my country, but more to the family they left. Not a good story, indeed, to end this year, but what God has determined cannot be changed. I wish they could keep strong and being patient to face this all and to those in the plane, I pray you all get the best seat to heaven and may God put you in the best place right beside him. Rest in peace and God bless you all.



P. S. I hope that there will be someone or two―more is better―who can survive from the QZ8501 accident, though it is almost impossible 😥


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