My Bucket List

dreamerToday, I am alone at home. Not basically alone, but living only with my taciturn brother in this house is just the same thing. So, I am feeling kinda lonely now without my Momma and my sister around because they are in Momma’s hometown that takes about 6 or 7 hours road trip for an occasion.

That is not the topic of this post, anyway. I just want to tell you such an unimportant information about the life of this blog’s owner and author recently―like you need it 😆

So, since I have nothing to do―literally―I would like to share about my bucket list. My bucket list is just like other’s. I have collected it since years before and make a list of it which is already partially fulfilled and a lot many not fulfilled yet because I cannot stop adding one to the list.

Now, let me give you the list that I have fulfilled so far and they are:

  1. Graduated as a bachelor. You know, I have talked about my graduate in several previous post and you can read about how happy I was with my bachelor degree because it was not only an achievement for myself, but for my parents’ pride also.
  2. Went to Bali. I do not remember since when I became so obsess to this place, but I do really want to go there again because once is never enough!
  3. Went to abroad. It was just Malaysia and Thailand which are not so far from Indonesia, but still, they are out of Indonesia, so they are abroad.
  4. My writing published. Not commercially published―I do not even get a fee―and there is one in local newspaper also, but at least, finally there are other people who read my writing, beside my own self.
  5. Able to speak and write in English. Since I knew that I have Dutch and German descent from both of my parents, I told myself that I must master English and now you can read the result here 😀
  6. Did flying fox. Thanks to my seniors in university for making it in freshmen initiation so I finally knew what a fox feels when he flies. Awesome!
  7. Wear hijab before I die. It is a must for a Muslim female and alhamdulillah, after a long argument with myself when I will wear it―before or after I get married―I realize, I may die before that, so I finally can make it since last year.

Here is my not-fulfilled-yet list:

  1. Get married. Every normal girl’s dream and I hope I will be soon *fingers crossed 😀
  2. Take my parents to Mecca. It is a dream of every Muslim child and it is at the top first of my bucket list and my ultimate dream.
  3. Buy my parents a beautiful house. My second ultimate dream, by the way.
  4. Become super duper rich. People say that money cannot buy happiness, well, I believe those words from people who live in the middle of Amazon or somewhere in this world where money does not exist.
  5. Dye my hair red. I will do. When I do not live with parents anymore. I will!
  6. Have a book with my name printed on the cover as the writer. I love writing and what is the biggest dream of someone who loves writing? Yes, having their own book. Me, too.
  7. World trip. Of course! I have been to Malaysia and Thailand, I hope the next one will be Mecca with my parents, then Dubai, Netherland, and the rest will be planned on the way.
  8. Have a big beautiful house. Absolutely! I will design this one by myself because I already have the image in my Pinterest and Weheartit account 😛 I have talked about it on my previous post also.
  9. Have a house in Bali. I am obsessed with Bali, so why not. I would love to spend my old age there.
  10. Become a great cook. I will make my own pizza, sushi, bibimbap, kebab, and many else foods one day.
  11. Cruise ship trip. I swayed by Cruise Ship Diaries on NatGeo People for this one 😆
  12. Have dinner at Alinea. It is because I watch World’s Best Chefs on NatGeo People. I watch this channel a lot more than I realize, I guess.
  13. Meet Rupert Grint. To hug him, to take some selfies with him, and to make him my husband if possible 😛
  14. Do bungee jumping. I do not know why I really want to do this. I just want to.
  15. … means there will be more and more and more I will add to this list.

For the last, here is the list of impossible to fulfill:

  1. Prove that I am the reincarnation of Snow White. That is why it is in “impossible to fulfill list.
  2. Receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter. I believe magic is real. I believe Hogwarts is real and, somehow, I believe that J. K. Rowling is a Hogwarts’ graduate. Impossible because until now I cannot make anything burn or fly by staring at it.
  3. Have some tattoos. Impossible because it is forbidden in my religion 😦
  4. Become the most influential woman in the world. Well, hmm, how to say it, even my future is still grey now. Yeah, that is why.
  5. Become the queen of England. This one is truly impossible 😆

Have a good night everyone.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”  ― Walt Disney


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