cinderella-2015Director: Kenneth Branagh
Genre: Drama, Family, Fantasy
Release Date: 13 March 2015
Run Time: 105 minutes
Stars: Cate Blanchett, Helena B. Carter, Lily James, Richard Madden

It has been a very long time since the last time I made a movie review. I will not blame you for guessing that I never watch movie ever since, but so sorry that you are wrong. I just cannot find an interesting movie to talk about 😛 So, since I finally found one that interests me enough, now I want to talk about it.

Cinderella. Who does not know about this famous classic fairy tale? Everyone knows, I believe. I do not need to tell you the synopsis, right? So, let me continue this post to the topic, the movie.

Actually, the movie is a bit boring for me. There is no surprising thing from the story side. It is just another Cinderella ordinary story. What make this movie different are just the stepmother was quite nice to Cinderella at first before Cinderella’s father died, Cinderella had met the Prince before the ball and the Prince introduced himself as a scholar named Kit instead of as a Prince of the kingdom, and the stepmother found the glass slipper and broke it that for a moment gave an impression that Cinderella had no more hope to meet her Prince. That is all. The rests are known already for being told repeatedly for more than hundred of years. Even the Prince―that has been in many dreams of many girls, includes me―is not as handsome as I dreamed of. It is just his blue eyes that helps his look a little. Just a little. No hard feeling, I have my own criteria of handsome, just like any other girls.

So, what interests me so much about this movie? The stepmother and the fairy godmother. Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter.

Cate Blanchett dazzles me since her first appearance in this movie. She is simply the most stunning stepmother everyone ever sees. Her acting was magnificent. She looked totally nice when she was nice to Cinderella without neglecting soon-to-be wicked stepmother look from her face and she was totally evil when she finally revealed her truly self. I think the stepmother in this movie was not only wicked to Cinderella, but also to her daughters, Anastasia and Drisella, because, well, did you see their gowns during the movie? Yes, Lady Tremaine always looked so elegant and classy while her daughters looked totally dummy in whatever they wore. Their gowns in ball, that was what people call fashion disaster―there was a color explosion in pink and yellow 😈


Helena Bonham Carter, she deserves an Oscar for being so talented. I read on twitter someone wrote that she is a female version of Johny Depp, I second that. What role she cannot play?

  • Helena B. CarterA big-head wicked queen (Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland)? Check!
  • A poor, but kind-hearted mother (Mrs. Bucket in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory)? Check!
  • A chronic alcoholic lady who helps a vampire (Dr. Julia Hoffman in Dark Shadows)? Check!
  • A smart chimpanzee (Ari/Dr. Zira in Planet of The Apes)? Check!
  • An elegant and honorable queen (Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon or Queen Elizabeth in The King’s Speech)? Check!
  • An eccentric and crazy wicked wizard (Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter)? Check!

What else? You name it, she nails it. She actually has a long list of roles she has played and long list of award winning. Now, she makes herself will be forever remembered as a kind-hearted, but reckless fairy godmother in Cinderella. No need a long explanation for her acting. Oscar have to go to her one day! She is so professional, I mean, what woman who wants to be in the same location with her ex for a long enough time to shot a movie? Well, she is. The director of Cinderella is her ex, anyway, if you do not know about it yet 😛

All I can say to conclude this movie is good enough―not as good as I expected, but sufficient to fairy tale lovers, of course, and the standing ovation goes to those two ladies I have talked above―I do not even care with the Cinderella herself 😛

One thing I keep asking to myself: If everything made by the magic of the fairy godmother will disappear at 12 o’clock midnight, why the hell was the glass slippers not disappear? Well, they were magic slippers that did not fit to every feet but Cinderella’s, anyway. Who am I to ask.

So, remember, everyone, …

“Have courage and be kind.” ― Ella’s Mother.


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