Social Mask

Behind_the_mask_by_fallingwishHave you heard about ‘social mask’? I believe some of you know what social mask is and some of you may think it is the real mask people wear on face. No, it is not, darling. It is a term, actually. So, let me make it clear for you because social mask is all I want to talk about in this post.

Social mask, in my humble opinion, is the way people use to adapt in certain environments, situations, places, and/or to certain people. Do you get it? Yeah, it sounds to avoid something and I do not deny it.

Social mask is truly used to avoid self from something you know will happen if you show the real you up. I know that people always tell you to be yourself no matter what, but in reality, in several environments, situations, places, and to several people, you need to put your social mask on. It is not you fake yourself to be accepted, you just adapt.

I myself is one of those who use social mask―actually in almost every time. I use my social mask to my friends, family, strangers I have just met, and even to my parents. So, you can say that even my closest people do not know the real me. How creepy, huh 😛 But, do not think that I am a psychopath or such because I never mean to use my social mask to get close to someone and then make a plan to destroy their lives or to kill them. No, it is to adapt only because I realize that not everyone could accept the real me.

I have tried once to use only one of my social mask in front of different people and you know what, people who never see that mask on me are hard to recognize me. However, there are also several times―mostly when I lose my sanity―where I accidentally show the real me in front of people and there are only two responds for this: amazed or afraid of me.

That is why different people always have different opinion about me. Family will say that I am a quiet person, but friends will say that I am a very talkative one. Strangers will say that I am an arrogant young lady, but friends will say that I am a friendly miss sunshine. Lecturer say that I am a passionate student, but my parents do not even know that I have a thousand plans inside my little stubborn head to get anything I want.

I believe many of you also do the same thing―using a social mask to adapt. It is not wrong at all as long as it is not an antisocial mask you use. However, I know that I must show the real me to everyone one day with no more mask I keep changing every time I meet different people. But, here is the problem: all the mask I use is already be me that I cannot name them as mask anymore. It is my personality now. It maybe a consequence for using it all the time, but I enjoy the role. I have no problem with it and I know that people who also have social mask feel the same way and I know that some of them really want to take their mask off and show the real of themselves, as well. It depends on the person, anyway.

For those who still use a social mask, the decision to keep using it or not is all on your hands. There are good things and bad things about it, but I know that everyone who decide to use it knows the risk already―it can make an addiction, honestly. To those who know someone or people who seem using a social mask, just appreciate them. They are trying to adapt and, somehow, trying to find the real of them.

“Nothing is more real than the masks we make to show each other who we are.” ― Christopher Barzak

So, have a good night, readers 😀


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