I Just Have(n’t) Met You (Yet)

axioo riechard shirley prewedding bali 31Everyone knows love. Everyone feels love. Love is everywhere in every time. But today, let me talk about something as complicated as love itself, soulmate. I wonder how people define soulmate. How do you define soulmate?

I myself define soulmate, my soulmate, as someone very opposite to me in some ways. He loves sweet, I love salty. He hates leek, I love it. He likes daylight, I love midnight. He runs fast, I walk slow. Just simple things like that. But, we still have some things in common. How can I define it so? I don’t know, I just want my everyday is different and it will be super boring if we both love the same things in every way.

I believe that soulmate is someone we never expect for, but we always wish for. We probably have met, or haven’t yet, but he is out there living his life while I’m living mine. He may live just several miles from my parents’ home, he may be a friend of my friend’s sister, he may be  someone I know or I don’t know at all, he may be so far, but so close.

In certain places in this world, we may have met once or twice or more than that, but we don’t realize it because we don’t know each other yet.

axioo alex winnie prewedding america 00

He is not a perfect person, but he is the best I could ask for. He will make sure that I will not alone to make everything works out. He will always stand still beside me at the best and worst. I can always have his back and he can always have mine.

We know this world very well. Nothing long lasting comes easy without struggling. It’s a cruel world, but it’s not something we need to worry about because we believe in God’s power, we believe in miracle. I have him and he has me to face the world with, we will dance over night together, we will make fun to each other, and we will hand in hand to forever.

At the right time, I will be his best friend and he will be mine. At the right time, he will be the reason of my tears and laughs and I will be the reason of his anger and happiness. At the right time, I will see his weaknesses and he will see my flaws, but we still think we are perfect to each other. At the right time, we will stand side by side before God with a bond that only God can break. At the right time, we will meet and will never leave each other till death do us part.

In every time, we never understand what love is, but we want to always say it to each other.


“No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.”


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