How’s Life?

  • Weather. Dry season and the wind blows dust to everywhere. Nothing to tell about, the good thing about it just the three mango trees next to my home are full of mango babies now.
  • Read. Not reading anything now, but I do really really really want to read Critical Eleven by Ika Natassa. I’ve been looking for this book for months to almost every bookstore in town, but I think I am one of a thousand people who curious about this book. I do wonder about it now.

critical eleven

  • Listen. No particular song. I listen to many songs recently, but 200% by Akdong Musician is the most I listen to. This song makes me dancing even at my worst and I love it, though I don’t really know what this song means because it’s in Korean language, but the music is 200% yummy for sure.

  • Job. Still trying to enjoy everything about it and still learning as well and finally find out why almost everyone in Indonesia wants to be a civil servant 😆
  • New. Been interviewed by a friend for a website about South Sulawesi―the province in Indonesia where I live―and finally knew the feeling of being interviewed, one of things I wonder about for a long time and, actually, it is not like my expectation, probably because the reporter is my friend. Probably.
  • Feel. Not really good for sure. My period is so not friendly anymore after several months in a very good condition, the plot twist of life makes it twisted, too. My novel draft is gone also, along with a folder of my past and future, a very important folder in my laptop. I don’t know how, I think  I lost it for virus invasion and now I’m trying to find the way to get it back completely.
  • Think. More about wondering and I am wondering about tomorrow. This head’s just can’t stop wondering many things.
  • Anticipate. What future holds for me 😆
  • Conclusion. I am still alive, so don’t worry, everyone. Safe and sound, just as pretty as the last time you all see me 😉

Guten nacht, freunde!


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