The Story of My Job―that Makes Me Laugh Sarcastically

princessI remember a post I made in the end of last year about I really want to get a job as soon as possible this year, a job that I will not quit as soon as I am hired on. Anyway, I got it! Voila! I finally made this year’s resolution of mine at the beginning of this year. Sorry for posting about it just now, it is just not so interesting to talk about, but today I found something fun about it, so let me share it to you here in this post.

Well, I officially become a civil servant of my country this year. An interesting job―in sarcastic way―because there are many people registered for this job like every single graduate wants to be it, and I am accepted, passed the test, though I do not really want it 😆 I had told you that I registered myself just to fulfill my Mama’s request, hadn’t I? With all the luck I have and the miracle around me and, absolutely, the power of God, I become one of 157―I think―lucky people that could eliminate almost 12.000 other people who registered themselves to be a civil servant just in the province where I live. If it is something I really want, I might cry at the time when I read my name on its announcement, but I was just like, “Oh, okay, I got a job.” 😆

 What is so funny about it?

Keep calm and I will tell you one by one.

Before today―or before I become a civil servant―I always wonder why almost every parent in Indonesia wants their child to be a civil servant and why people keep trying to be a civil servant even after hundred times of failure. I always hear that this is the most relaxing serious job you can find in Indonesia.  Now I know why. It is indeed the most relaxing job. Not so many things to do to earn a number of salary we get and the bonus and the bla bla bla that you can get for doing this and that out of your job description and they are not so difficult to do, either.

Then, there are already two people told me that I must not be very smart or show how brainy I am as a person. I just need to show and to give a half of my ability to my job if I do not want to be used. Yeah, we do not need to be a super smart person in doing this job because if you are so smart, there are people around you who will exploit your ability. It is actually hard for me because I never do anything halfway. But, thank God, I am a reckless person, and I think it can count on a half of stupidity 😆

The number of mouth in the place where I work is twice of the number of its people. They are all talkative people, men and women, old and young. I remember the first week of mine and my fellow new employees, they talked behind us about our bags, lipsticks, and every single thing on us they can talk about. I think they have way too many free time to give a damn about what people wear today and the next, the brand, the color, the size, the shape. I do not understand this kind of human. Do you? 😐

The most hilarious thing about this job is the existence of people who believe themselves are very smart and people who always use people they know to back up their lack of everything.

  • First case, I know this man since the very first day of my job and I know people say he is a smart person. Today, I found out how smart he is. He is just so smart that he does not know how to write colons properly. I tried to tell him that there is no space after word before colons and he insisted that it is there. He even asked me to bet about it: I must do push-up in front of people if I am wrong. OH YES, HE IS INDEED VERY SMART FOR BEING SUCH A GENTLEMAN! 👿 If my religion does not forbid betting, with all my sincere heart, I would love to embarrass him in front of people just because of colons. COLONS, everyone. Just COLONS! Shame on him!
  • Second case, there is this woman who always mention this name and that name as her friends or family. The name she mentions is always a big name, a famous name in reign. I do not know why she does so, but it helps her to keep her job while she does not know anything to do. I do not know how she can get a job 😕

So, those are all I can share about my job and the atmosphere of my working place. I do not know how long I will be there. I love my seat on coordination division for promising me to visit many countries and to meet many people, but I do not know if I will get used to the people. But, for sure, I will not quit this job so soon and I am still trying to be a writer 😀

Can I consider about being the Queen of England again? Just kidding 😆

Have a good night, good people!


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