A Letter To Future Me (10 Years From Now)

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Dear Future Me,
How are you? Do you know how bad I want you to read this letter? So so so bad, honestly. I am today really want to know who I become ten years from now―I really want to know you. I want to share you several things you may have forgotten about yourself at this time―when I type this letter to you―and I want you to reply it soon as possible because I do wonder who you are now. Do you have a long enough time? Because I promise you, it will be long. Woah, it’s already felt like jumping to a time machine 😆

Who are you now?
I hope you still remember your biggest dream to be a writer and I do really really really hope that you have achieved it years before you remember about this letter. You must remember how you struggle with your brain 10 years ago―now―to find a worth reading story to be a worth selling novel with your name printed on the cover. Can you please post the picture of the cover of your novel for me in your reply letter? Anyway, I believe you still remember how you refused to take a scholarship for master title to become a lecturer because you just wanted to work to help your parents’ financial. I also believe that you still remember how you wanted to be a lecturer after you finally got a job as a civil servant. Do you finally make it to be a lecturer? Tell me about it!

Are you a wife now?
Please, say yes! Don’t reply this letter at all if the answer of this question is ‘no’. I don’t accept such thing! But, if the answer is ‘yes’, please make a long reply letter because I really wonder how you finally meet the love of your life. When and where did you finally meet him? Is he the same person I fall deeply now? Is it him? How is he? Is he nice to you? Is he loving you like you’re the only woman in this world? Is he always looking at your eyes as it the first time? Is he always telling you that he loves you? I do really wonder about it like crazy because I know you so well. I know you will tell me a complete story about him even if I didn’t ask you hahahahaha 😆

Are you a mother now?
How many children do you have? Do you have twins just like what you always wish for? How old are they now? I do hope they get your white skin, their father’s thick hair, and the combination of you and your husband characteristics, but not your stupidity, please 😛 Don’t forget to teach them English and to make them learn any other languages! Don’t forget to always spend time with them and to support them to achieve whatever they want. But, the most important thing is to teach them to know, to love, and to worship Allah SWT. That’s your job as a mother, so don’t forget it! Don’t forget to learn cooking as well! Can you cook now? Don’t make me sad for saying no, you’re a wife and a mother now, you should can cook, no matter how busy you are. Remember, love comes not only from heart, but from the inside of stomach also.

Honestly, I don’t know what else to ask you. Yeah, I know how many questions inside my head about my future, but I think I don’t need to ask you much, I just want you to be happy with your life now and I know you, you will tell me everything even if I don’t ask for it 😛 You’ve been through many things, you’ve learned good and bad even when you weren’t mature enough to understand, you’ve felt so many feelings that only you can understand, and now I believe still the same. Life doesn’t always offer a happiness, but you can always get a true happiness from the people who love you and receive you as you are and you deserve to be loved right cause you always do. I know you don’t like being advised and I know you always end up forgiving people no matter how mean they are to you, but please keep your heart bigger than your brain. I love you and you must love yourself and your life today. You know Allah SWT will always with you, dearest.


2015 You


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