What Did 2015 Has?

new yearWoah, time flies in a super high speed! Hard to believe we are about to welcome another new year again, just three nights to go. I feel like just yesterday I made a post about 2015 new year and today I write to end 2015.

What a year, I can say. Lots of things happened and this year includes of greatest and worst story ever of life I am experienced. Let me begin this post with the resolutions I made for 2015 and I got them!

Yeah, what an achievement! I have never made any new year resolution before, but once I made it―for 2015 new year―they came true. First resolution was to get a job I will not quit as soon as I am hired and I got it at the beginning of 2015, precisely on February 2015. As I told you before, I passed the test of civil servant recruitment in my country and here I am today as a civil servant. Not the best job―if you want to know―, but at least, I got a job and I made my Mama proud since she is the one who wanted me to become a civil servant so bad.

Second resolution was to have a trip and I got it as well before the end of 2015, precisely on November and December. Both trips were to Jakarta, but still, I got a trip this year after been stuck for a year in 2014, and I said that I just need a trip, wherever it is. It was actually an official trip from my office, but I got more days for free from my beloved boss. Thank you, Madame! For the last trip―on December―, I finally felt being a single traveler. It was scary at first to visit another city just by myself, but when I did it, I want more! It was fun and challenging, anyway. I should get another one someday.

To those who wonder about the man I talked about at the beginning of this year, I better keep it as secret. This year has taught me that when I dream for something way too high, it will hurt me way too deep when I fall. So, yeah, let it just be a secret till I reach the finish point of all. Keep wondering, guys! 😆

Well, because all resolutions I made for 2015 came true, I think I want to make a resolution again for 2016 and my resolution is―one and only for the next year―to get married. I don’t know with who, but I am done with those wedding invitations of my friends, it is time for me to spread my own one 😆 I am done with this singleness, I need someone to be my lifetime partner now. I need a partner now! Dear God, read this post, please.

Then, to conclude this 2015, let’s say that this year is kinda roller coaster for me. Have you ever felt being in a roller coaster? That’s right! That’s how this year goes by for me. 2015 is a roller coaster year, I hope next year is a garden of flowers year for me. I expect nothing but sweet things―in every single thing―for next year, despite the bad things will happen, I hope that it wont affect me way too much like 2015 has done to me.

So, thank you all for keep reading this blog in 2015. Thank you for keep helping redragonfly to fly to the moon. May all our wishes and resolutions for 2016 can come true. God bless you all.



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