Happy Ending

happily ever afterWho does not like a happy ending? I believe that everyone likes a happy ending, in movie or fairy tale or in real life. Happily ever after, together forever in happiness, everyone loves such ending and so do I. I think I am addicted to it. I also believe that each of us has our own definition of a happy ending.

This morning I watched 27 Dresses. A very nice movie with a very sweet story about a woman who looks for her happy ending and she finally gets it from someone out of her expectation. I have watched this movie for more than five times, but I do not know why, this morning, when I watched it again, I got different feeling to this movie than before.

Sometimes in life, everything is going so well that we never think of the other way. Like in 27 Dresses, helping 27 friends for their wedding comes so naturally for Jane. Everything is fine, she feels okay with it, and nothing to worry about until her perfect sister falls in love at the first sight with George, her boss and the one she loves―who does not know that she loves him. Then, Kevin Doyle appears as a wedding reporter. Let’s say the story goes on because I believe you all have watched this movie and if you have not, you can read the story in Wikipedia or watch the movie on Youtube. In the end, Jane and Kevin are getting married. Yup, the twist of life is so out of expectation to help people reach their happy ending.

You can say that I am an overdose romance. Almost all of my posts in this blog, all books I read, movies I watched, are romance. Don’t blame me for believing that true love is real when some people think it just happens in a bed-time story only. But it is!  True love is real! I don’t know how to prove it now, but trust me, it is real. See, I am a romance victim as well.

I always read some words that say, “Don’t let go of people who always try their hardest to stick by your side because that kind of people is only once in a lifetime.” Have you read such words somewhere? Honestly, these words haunt me. They haunt me for I always look for someone who will try his hardest to be with me. Yes, my prince who ride a white horse and kill a dragon to wake me up from a long sadness with a true love kiss.

So, just like in every romance movie, bad things always happen, but true love will guide to the right path. No matter how much it costs, how far it goes, or how long it takes, love will find a way. I will say that one of the perks of being a romance lover is I always look at the bright side because most of romance movies are happy ending, so I believe that one day I will have my own happy ending, too. With or without him, love will find a way.

Do you know what so magical about love is? It’s you.

Good night, Lover.

PS: A very special words to one of my best friends, Nana, who finally be with her love. May your love  and his long last till death do your part and may happiness be with you two till the time we call forever. So happy for you, Na!!!


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