What is Love?

Love-vs-LogicLove is the destiny that leads us to know each other.

Love is the smile we shared when we first met.

Love is the time we spent the night by texting about many random things.

Love is when you forced to come to my home.

Love is you kept trying even when I said, “No, don’t come today.”

Love is a wrong movie we picked in our first date, but we still laughed on it.

Love is every time we learn to know each other.

Love is we got soaked due to heavy rain, you sang, I laughed.

Love is how nervous I was to meet your family, how nervous you were to talk to my parents.

Love is the jealousy I have towards your girl friends.

Love is the happiness I feel every morning to night, every second I think of you, every Saturday when I knew you would ask me for another date.

Love is when you brought me to your mother’s grave.

Love is your voice.

Love is your laugh.

Love is the way you look at me.

Love is how kind your heart is.

Love is knowing you fell asleep.

Love is the instagram account I keep empty because I want your photo to be the first one with a caption, “My future is right in front of me”.

Love is when you have gone away and there is still a heart waiting for you.

Love is still believing you will comeback one day.

Love is believing that miracle is real.

Love is you.

I love you.

“My heart made it’s choice, and it chose you.” ― Colleen Hoover


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