I just checked my blog seconds ago when I realize that the last time I post something was on February. Yeah, 3 months ago. And by checking the calender on my table, it’s going to be 4 soon if I don’t post anything today 😅

So, let me just write what crosses my mind in this very time—still on my working time, but I don’t know where my boss is now and there’s nothing left to do since all the task my boss gave me is done.

I actually don’t know what picture I must put on this post as what I usually do, so I just put my self-picture. To those who know about that app named Snapchat must know that I use it when I took that picture. I’m kinda obsessed to that app I used to call celebrity-obsessed-app. Yeah, I’m one of those celebrity-obsessed’s victim now. It’s fun actually, like I have a media to share anything interest me right at the time, by picture or video that I can modify with sticker or words or just share whatever I want to share, don’t care what people say, don’t care what people think. It will be deleted from the app automatically after a day, anyway, except you or someone capture it and save it. But the best thing, you will know who watch yours or capture it. Fun! Addicting! Ha!

I’m a little upset now for having nothing on my to-read list. All the novels I want to read is already read. No more new arrival comic that interest me also. So, can you guys suggest me a novel/comic or two? I need a vitamin B. Book. It’s already mainstream to read people say vitamin sea, I think.

I have a new novel draft. Already 50 pages more. But now, just like before, I stuck in the middle, don’t know what to write anymore to continue the story, but I will write it to the end. Swear! However I still keep it on my mind that I must write the story I want to read by myself. Yup, passion is still on fire!

Oh yeah, almost forget to tell, these months I am experiencing a feeling of being a host for some of my office’s event. It made me feel on pins and needles at first, but now I enjoy it. Not a big deal, I mean I’m just reading an event’s rundown on my hand with a voice that I must make as beautiful as possible and as loud as well. So, I’m an amateur host now.

To end this post, I will say that the city where I live is one big grill now. Rain comes sometimes, but doesn’t decrease the heat at all. I’m still waiting for a miracle—about my love life, you know, one thing I must worry about since I don’t even expect one now, but him, still. I hope good things happen soon and my resolution for this year can come true 😇

Fijne dag, guys!


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