magic_by_cruenta-dxmo5pI was spending time with one of my best friend when he suddenly told me his experience accompanying his girlfriend to a shaman to cure her disease. He said that not only disease the shaman can cure, romance also. Then I was just like, “What do you actually want to say?” And that’s how the story for this post began.

I and him have been friend since high school, so you can say that he already knows me so well that even all the good and bad things about me he knows specifically. Romance as well. Then he asked me, “Do you wanna go there? I’ll accompany you.” I didn’t know that time whether he was serious with that question or he just tried to tease me. I guess patchy because I know him so well, too.

Many Indonesian people still believe in magic today. They believe they can be rich by using magic or they can get whatever impossible to achieve by using magic. What a naive mind it is, but that’s the truth. I don’t know if another country is the same, but I know that every place in this world has their own typical magic, such as Voodoo in Africa.

I wont say that I don’t believe magic. At some points, I believe it, too. I believe there is witches in this world. I believe Hogwarts is actually a real place, a real magic school, and I am actually sure that Joanne Kathleen Rowling or better known as JK Rowling, the author of the legendary Harry Potter, is a Hogwarts graduate. Don’t ask me how, I just believe so.

However, I don’t want to go to that shaman. Simply because it is prohibited in my religion. Once I go there just to fix my problem, the hell will welcome me with a wide open gate, because it means I don’t believe in God. I told my Mom about it, too, and she was a hundred percent forbid me to do such thing. She told me that greatest power that will help me is God’s power and she’s right. Well, I am not that desperate to ask a shaman for helping me by spelling some magic words to me. I am just, I don’t know, wondering or trying to figure out what my Mom will say about it perhaps.

Yeah, I wont lie that a part of me wants to try a chance—if it can be called a chance. Some shamans in Indonesia are using Arabic words in their spelling or even words from Al-Qur’ an, that’s what makes me considering shaman as a chance to fix my problem because I think it is not prohibited when they use words from Al-Qur’ an. But then, the logic side of my mind knocks me and realizes me that no matter what I should not go there, I should not go to a shaman. Shaman is just a human-being like me and if they can truly fix all problems in this life with their spelling, then what a perfect life they have, and I am sure there’s no such thing in this world—there’s no perfect life in this world—because what makes life as life is the problem in it, right? And I think it is probably a test from God to me. So, NO. The conclusion after all thinking I’ve done is I don’t and I wont go to a shaman.

By the way, it’s just two days before Ramadan begins. Happy Ramadan, all Muslims in the world! How lucky we are to have another chance to welcome Ramadan in this year. I don’t know why, but it always makes me feel moved when Ramadan comes every year. Don’t you feel it, too, guys? Thank God, for this chance to meet Your Ramadan again. Alhamdulillah.

And to end this post, let me share you two songs I love to listen this lately. Enjoy the songs, have a good night, and please don’t go to shaman to fix your problem, just pray to your God, okay? God will bring you the magic in time 😇


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