She Let Go

disney_series__a_part_of_your_world_by_untamedunwanted-d6zqrqfAugust 5th night on 2014. That was the night she first knew you. She still remember every detail of it and she still saved your photo you sent her that day until yesterday. Many things of you she still remember. She still remembered the day she first met you, the day you first came to her parents’ house and met her Mom, the first day you two spent time together, the first day you introduced her to your family, the first day you and her were soaking wet due to heavy rain, the day you celebrated her birthday, and the day you confessed and proposed to her. She remembered every detail of those days almost perfectly even the clothes you wore like it was printed inside her head ever since.

One thing she can’t remember: the day you leave her. She remembered how it began, she didn’t remember the detail of that day.

You know, it was like just yesterday when she felt you so far when you’re actually so close and she felt you so close when you’re actually so far. Now, you’re truly out of her reach.

You are the sky for her and you are always be. She is surrounded by you, but she can’t touch you. You are as simple and as silent as the dawn sky, but you are also as boisterous and as flamboyant as twilight sky. You are the one who bring her light and dark. You are the unfinished book, the never ending story.

You, the one who embraced her without even touching her, she cried you a river for days when you left her. Now, she can’t even cry you a single tear. That’s how she knew that the most painful disappointment was not when she cried a lot, but when she couldn’t even remember how to cry anymore.

At one point of life, one day, she and you may meet again. Either as friends or enemies or two perfect strangers who accidentally live under the same horizon.

For now, she let go.


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