timeTime is what you can’t buy. Time is what can’t be returned. Time is what many people, including me, waste.

Time is a powerful thing. It has power over us, it controls our world. We may love something because time makes us so and we may hate it next because of the time as well.

Time is also a curse. A curse to those who do not use it well. Once we waste the chance that the time has given to us, that is when the curse works. Regret.

I just realized that I had wasted the time when I probably had a chance to make a difference, to make a change. Months ago, I should have realized that, if I didn’t follow my ego, I might be at the happiest moment in my life now, but then, I had wasted the time, I had wasted my chance. I should be blind for didn’t see the signs when it was crystal clear right in front of me.

Time has finally given me the answer. Time makes me regret all the things I have missed. A day will be a week, a week will be a month, a month will be a year, and year to year will go by. There is no way back. I must keep moving forward for the time leaves the past behind.

Time flies so fast. It is like a plane I miss for coming late. It just leaves me anyway because I don’t think how important it is to follow the time’s rule: move fast, do now, because what I have missed will never return. But a plane is better, I can buy a new ticket for the next flight.

Sometimes, I wish I could have a chance to travel the time and go back to the past to do what I should do, but time is not to travel by, it is to live with because time is also a lesson to never miss a chance that has given.

A wise man once said that everyone has their own time. Everyone has the time that has been planned perfectly by God way before they’re born.

Now, I wish my time will come soon. Hopefully.


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