My Name is …

When I was a kid, I always wondered why my parents gave me such an unusual name. This name is possibly one of the rarest names in Indonesia. When I asked them about it, I finally knew why.

As the first daughter of my parents and the first grandchild in my father’s family, I think my father has planned it to name me in the honor of his mother who passed away when he was very young. My grandma was a Dutch and her name was Mathilda Victoria Bagman. As every English people know, Tilly is a short of Mathilda. Tilly is given to me instead of Mathilda because it sounds less Christian to my Muslim family. Yeah, my grandma was a Christian before she married my grandpa who was a Muslim. Thanks to the war period before the Independence of Indonesia to make my grandparents found each other 😆

Years ago, I searched for the meaning of my name in internet and I was like in love to my own name. Have you ever loved your name so much that you think no other name is better for you? That’s what I felt that time.

First meaning of my name I found was:

It says “Tilly means a girl with a great business instinct, artistic and has a good taste of art, good in communication, loves to travel, and needs so much freedom. Tilly is a short of Mathilda and mostly used in 19th century and now is used again“.

Today, when I search for the meaning of my name again, I found a new one and this one sounds so different and a bit too much for me to bear. I am a mighty battler, it says. What a name 😅

People say that name is the first gift and the first prayer parents give to their child. I  believe my parents do not know those meanings of the name they’ve given to me, yet I also believe that they wont give me that name if they know it’s not a good name 😇

So, what’s the meaning of your name, guys?


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