How It Feels To Be a PNS (Civil Servant)?

img_5179How it feels to be a PNS? That’s the most frequent question I get from friends since I become a PNS two years ago. I don’t know why every time I meet a friend that I rarely see recently, their first words is always, “So, how it feels to be a PNS?”. There are 3 possibilities why they ask me that question; 1) They are probably interesting to become a PNS, 2) They are just curious, or 3) They can’t believe that I am really a PNS now.

Well, what can I say to answer that question?

Being a PNS, I think is just similar to other job. Coming on time, working, trying to impress the boss—or in PNS’ cases the bosses—, overtime sometimes, for short it is basically a common job. What makes it different is just PNS are working for the government, so the rule is to spending instead of earning. That’s it.

In Indonesia, to become a PNS is not a piece of cake. There are many and really truly very many people who want to be PNS. In my year, there were almost 12.000 people who registered for only 160 positions and only 157 of it is fulfilled. Can you imagine that? Crazy, I think.

That time, I didn’t know why those people really wanted to be a PNS—because I myself is forced to be by my Mom—, but now I know why.

Becoming a PNS is very interesting for many people for its retirement allowance where we are keep getting allowance every month when we are retire even until we are death, our partner will still get the allowance in our behalf. Salary for forever, I say.

Other thing is it has so many free times. For other job holiday is only the dates with red color on calendar, but for PNS, everytime the boss doesn’t come for work is a holiday and, know what, the boss loves to do official travel to other city a lot. So, yeah, PNS have so many free times. PNS still come to the office, but only to fulfill the obligation. A plus value for every F gender, especially a wife and a mother, using family as the reason to get even more free times is acceptable and super easy.

However, this world is created with balance, so is PNS. In the world of PNS, we must be ready to face many kinds of arrogant personality, especially the one who always use their family name. Believe it or not, the more famous your family or the  more your family have strategic position in government is the better for you. Family tree determines the development of your career as well as your brain, but, well, family tree is needed more than brain, actually. So, if you don’t have brain, you better come from a prominent family or the rich one. Thank God I have brain 😇

Other personality to deal with and the most annoying one is Mr. Know-It-All. Trust me, the one who keeps using their family name is nothing when you meet this one kind. This Mr. Know-It-All can trully test your patience to the maximum level for keep believing themselves right even the world knows they are totally wrong. They will keep testing you like they are the incarnation of Steve Jobs or the Lord of Cleverness. Even the most patient person, I do believe, can’t stand for long beside this kind of person and, what a damn, this kind of person is so many in the PNS world.

You may wondering why those kinds of people can be a PNS. The answer is clear: cheating. Before my year, it is very easy to cheat on the test and you can be a PNS instantly. In my year, such thing is no longer there because the test is very tight and using online system connected to the headquarter of the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment, so any kind of cheating is inapplicable.

To the people around me I keep telling them that PNS is not a job for a man, it is a job for woman because a man is the head of household who must provide a living kosher for his family and a woman, by being a PNS, can always have time to develop herself, her career, with still taking care of her children, her family, as well.

So, how it feels to be a PNS?

Either I like it or not, I must learn to love my job as a PNS because God has chosen me to be one of 157 people among almost 12.000 people. Many people try their hardest to be a PNS, many even try for several times but still can’t get it, and I, with all the luckiness around me, past the test in the first try. Been working for 2 years and will keep counting, my co-workers say that if I remain being myself today, to be at the peak is not impossible.

Being a PNS is a lifetime experience that offers many more experiences of meeting new people, visiting new places, attending new events, handling the impossible, developing self, and so on. Like other job, it has its own challenge and it is not as good as you see, but not as bad as you think.

Being a PNS is fun and I believe every job is fun, depend on your perspective on it. Do what you love and love what you do, people say. Being a PNS feels so good, but no matter what your job is, do it with all your heart for that’s the only way to enjoy it and that will make your job feels so good.

Have a great day, guys, and stop asking me the question on the title 😘


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