Who Did You Want To Be?

Who did you want to be when you grew up? Do you still remember?

I remember I wanted to be a pediatrician because my parents kept telling me to be and I love kiddos. I wanted to be a flight attendant because I wanted to visit all the countries in the world and I was a tall ‘lil girl, anyway, just so you know. I wanted to be a diplomat because I wanted to live abroad and married a “bule”. I wanted to be a singer because my friends said that I had a beautiful voice. I also wanted to be an architect because I love architecture. Many things I wanted to be even until now.

But who I am now is none of those dreams. I still love kids but no longer want to be pediatrician, still want to visit many countries in the world but not as a flight attendant, still want to live abroad but no longer want to marry a “bule” and not a diplomat—yet, probably—, no longer want to be a singer but still do my bathroom concert, and still wish to be an architect, at least for my future home, but still not an architect.

Who am I now? A happy young lady who works as a civil servant and wants to be a writer. Yup, for this one dream, to be a writer, I wont say it with “verb 3” or past tense because I want to be it since I was a kid, keep remaining now, and I don’t know until when.

Sometimes in life, so many wishes we make, so many dreams we dream of, but not all of them can come true. For every closed doors, many more doors open. For every lost we experience is a new adventure. For every single thing we’ve been through in this life matures us. For so many times in life, we should be more grateful for who we were, for who we are. I am none of those dreams, but I am glad for who I am today.


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