Dua Lipa’s New Rules Blow My Mind! Mwah!

Dua Lipa, an old name in music world, but a new name for me that immediately grab all my attention. Honestly, I didn’t know her until an Indonesia’s social media celebrity, Awkarin, mentioned her name in her instagram. I just instantly loved Lipa’s powerful voice and cool style.

I actually had heard her name several times before from my sister and we wondered whether it’s a group name or a person. Dua in Indonesia means “two”, so, yeah, her name sounds somewhat unique to me and my sister. Later I know that her name comes from two cultures that build her family, Albania and Kosovo, two countries in the Southeast Europe.

Since I already in love to her songs, New Rules (2017) and Blow Your Mind (Mwah!) (2016), I then found out about her in google that said she’s not only a singer, but also a song writer and a model. What a complete lady! Well, who can blame her for being too perfect. Jealous? Yes! And since she is a model, no wonder that her every music video is looking like a fashion show. I love this girl!

I may name her as the new icon of Girl Power of 2017 because New Rules definitely will assure you to never give a second chance to an a**h*** and it shows you how powerful girl squad is and Blow Your Mind (Mwah!), can anybody tell me how this girl make this song so fun that I can’t stop listen and sing it?

Just listen, I have no more words. Watch the musical fashion show and feel the fun!


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