Crazy Rich Asians Series: Debut yang Mengagumkan

Sejak akhir tahun lalu sampai awal tahun ini, saya dibuat tergila-gila oleh tiga buah buku. Bukan sembarang buku, buku-buku tersebut adalah karya debut Kevin Kwan, seorang novelis asal Singapura yang berdarah China. Diawali dengan Crazy Rich Asians, lalu dilanjut dengan China Rich Girlfriend, dan diakhiri dengan Rich People Problems. One thing in common, ini tentang orang-orang kaya—atau mungkin paling kaya—yang... Continue Reading →


Dua Lipa’s New Rules Blow My Mind! Mwah!

Dua Lipa, an old name in music world, but a new name for me that immediately grab all my attention. Honestly, I didn't know her until an Indonesia's social media celebrity, Awkarin, mentioned her name in her instagram. I just instantly loved Lipa's powerful voice and cool style. I actually had heard her name several... Continue Reading →

Pride and Prejudice

I am alone at home again and again. I strongly believe that I deserve a certificate for being most well-prepared future housewife for taking care my parents' home every time they go out of town and leave me alone like now. My sister and my brother are also not at home, so, yeah, I am... Continue Reading →


Director: Kenneth Branagh Genre: Drama, Family, Fantasy Release Date: 13 March 2015 Run Time: 105 minutes Stars: Cate Blanchett, Helena B. Carter, Lily James, Richard Madden It has been a very long time since the last time I made a movie review. I will not blame you for guessing that I never watch movie ever... Continue Reading →

Habibie & Ainun

Director: Faozan Rizal Genre: Drama, Romance, Family Release Date: 20 December 2012 Run Time: 118 minutes Stars: Reza Rahardian, Bunga Citra Lestari Another masterpiece of Indonesian movie makers. Habibie & Ainun, a true love story of The Third President of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. -Ing. B. J. Habibie, with his lovely wife, Hasri Ainun Besari. This... Continue Reading →

The (Un)Reality Show

Writer: Clara Ng Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama Publication date: February, 2005 Pages: 352 pages, 20 cm Language: Indonesia Two words to describe this book, shockable and unpredictable. This book is not a new book, it has been published since 2005, but the novel from one of my favorite Indonesian writers, Clara Ng, is reprinted... Continue Reading →

Mirror Mirror – New Version of Snow White

Director: Tarsem Singh Writers: Jason Keller & Marc Klein (screenplay), Melisa Wallack (screen story), Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm (original story) Stars: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, and Armie Hammer Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama Release Date: 30 March, 2012 Runtime: 106 minutes Snow White is my most favorite Disney's Princess. She is beautiful -skin as white... Continue Reading →

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