Dua Lipa’s New Rules Blow My Mind! Mwah!

Dua Lipa, an old name in music world, but a new name for me that immediately grab all my attention. Honestly, I didn’t know her until an Indonesia’s social media celebrity, Awkarin, mentioned her name in her instagram. I just instantly loved Lipa’s powerful voice and cool style.

I actually had heard her name several times before from my sister and we wondered whether it’s a group name or a person. Dua in Indonesia means “two”, so, yeah, her name sounds somewhat unique to me and my sister. Later I know that her name comes from two cultures that build her family, Albania and Kosovo, two countries in the Southeast Europe.

Since I already in love to her songs, New Rules (2017) and Blow Your Mind (Mwah!) (2016), I then found out about her in google that said she’s not only a singer, but also a song writer and a model. What a complete lady! Well, who can blame her for being too perfect. Jealous? Yes! And since she is a model, no wonder that her every music video is looking like a fashion show. I love this girl!

I may name her as the new icon of Girl Power of 2017 because New Rules definitely will assure you to never give a second chance to an a**h*** and it shows you how powerful girl squad is and Blow Your Mind (Mwah!), can anybody tell me how this girl make this song so fun that I can’t stop listen and sing it?

Just listen, I have no more words. Watch the musical fashion show and feel the fun!


Pride and Prejudice


I am alone at home again and again. I strongly believe that I deserve a certificate for being most well-prepared future housewife for taking care my parents’ home every time they go out of town and leave me alone like now. My sister and my brother are also not at home, so, yeah, I am literally alone and am really trying hard not to be an idiot for knowing nothing to do at all but cleaning every inch of the house and suddenly feeling like a well trained maid now.

Thank God, I am a blogger. This afternoon I realized that I have one thing I really want to talk about and it is about one of my most favorite love story ever, Pride and Prejudice. I should have talked about it since years ago, but I myself do not know why I want to talk about it just now 😛

Pride and Prejudice made me in love since the very first time I knew it. I was still a student when I first met this story from its novel that my friend lent me. After the novel, I watched the movie from 2005 where the chemistry between Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet and Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy took my breath away even until now every time I re-watch this movie―because once is seriously never enough for this movie. I may be bowed to Jane Austen if she was still alive and I was lucky to meet her.

What makes me so in love about this story, both novel and movie? Hmm, I can say that this is the best story of love in literature world. You name Romeo and Juliet, I will name Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Since I knew Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet story became so lame, weird, and fool. I mean, how come these two silly lovey dovey decide to marry after one night meeting only? And they were just too young, under 20 years old, but they are not to blame, Shakespeare is.

So, Pride and Prejudice is actually a very old story from the late of 18th century when even my grandparents were not born yet. For those who love literature, it is always on “must read list” because you can learn so many things from this book. Love, gender issue, and history, especially. I almost use that matter of gender issue for my thesis if my senior was not taking it before me. However, what attracts me so much about Pride and Prejudice is the love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. They come from two different social classes, which Mr. Darcy is richer than Ms. Bennet, and it is what makes the story worth reading since this kind of thing happens even until this very century.

Mr. Darcy, who could get any girl he wants, fall in love with the stubborn Ms. Bennet. But, what’s love story without any trouble? Social status is just one of the problem he must face to get Ms. Bennet’s heart. There are still his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh―who wants him to marry her daughter―, Lieutenant Wickham―a greedy officer from Mr. Darcy’s past who tries to separate him and Ms. Bennet, and Ms. Bennet herself. Mr. Darcy’s struggle to get the love of his life is really something every man nowadays must learn. He does not care if his first proposal is declined by Ms. Bennet who thinks he is a mean guy, he keeps trying. He put aside all the things in this world just to be with Ms. Bennet and who could mention another more romantic thing than what he does? He does not care about his family’s expectation, he does not care about what society would say, he does not care if Ms. Bennet was not born in a rich family, he cares about his love only and he fights for it. What a lucky Ms. Bennet to get that kind of love. Jealous to her 😦

“Miss Elizabeth. I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer. These past months have been a torment. I came to Rosings with the single object of seeing you… I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgment, my family’s expectations, the inferiority of your birth by rank and circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony. I love you.” – Mr. Darcy

I also adore Ms. Bennet for being a stubborn person. I mean, she has a strong commitment to herself to marry only for love, not for wealth or social status. In the era of this story, every girl was forced to marry a wealthy man for her family and her pride. But, the pride for Ms. Bennet was not being rich, but to keep standing on what she believes and I adore her determination. It is what later brings her to the deepest love she deserves, Mr. Darcy’s love.

“Only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony, which is why I will end up an old maid.” – Elizabeth Bennet

From the dialogue I quote above between Ms. Bennet and her sister, Jane Bennet, I think she does not believe that love truly exists or she may believe that she will never get that kind of love in the era where money is everything―well, even until now, Ms. Bennet. She is a bookworm, so, I guess she loves a romance that she better chooses to end up an old maid than to marry without love, which will be done by some other girls who believe true love does exist in this world. Count me in. Seriously. Why do I need to get marry for money or wealth? I am a well-educated maiden, I can earn money by myself, I just need someone to love and to accompany me for the rest of my life. He does not need to be rich, he just need to be educated, has a job, and love me.  So, I think only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony and I must pray more to ask God for a man like Mr. Darcy to come along 😀

Well, I think that is all I want to talk about Pride and Prejudice that I love so much, both novel and movie, especially the 2005 version. Wow, 2005! I just realized it was 10 years ago. But, still, the movie is worth watching until now, not only because of the story, but for a great landscape they capture also. Beautiful is the only word I can use to describe the cinematography in this movie.

So, have a good night, good people.


cinderella-2015Director: Kenneth Branagh
Genre: Drama, Family, Fantasy
Release Date: 13 March 2015
Run Time: 105 minutes
Stars: Cate Blanchett, Helena B. Carter, Lily James, Richard Madden

It has been a very long time since the last time I made a movie review. I will not blame you for guessing that I never watch movie ever since, but so sorry that you are wrong. I just cannot find an interesting movie to talk about 😛 So, since I finally found one that interests me enough, now I want to talk about it.

Cinderella. Who does not know about this famous classic fairy tale? Everyone knows, I believe. I do not need to tell you the synopsis, right? So, let me continue this post to the topic, the movie.

Actually, the movie is a bit boring for me. There is no surprising thing from the story side. It is just another Cinderella ordinary story. What make this movie different are just the stepmother was quite nice to Cinderella at first before Cinderella’s father died, Cinderella had met the Prince before the ball and the Prince introduced himself as a scholar named Kit instead of as a Prince of the kingdom, and the stepmother found the glass slipper and broke it that for a moment gave an impression that Cinderella had no more hope to meet her Prince. That is all. The rests are known already for being told repeatedly for more than hundred of years. Even the Prince―that has been in many dreams of many girls, includes me―is not as handsome as I dreamed of. It is just his blue eyes that helps his look a little. Just a little. No hard feeling, I have my own criteria of handsome, just like any other girls.

So, what interests me so much about this movie? The stepmother and the fairy godmother. Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter.

Cate Blanchett dazzles me since her first appearance in this movie. She is simply the most stunning stepmother everyone ever sees. Her acting was magnificent. She looked totally nice when she was nice to Cinderella without neglecting soon-to-be wicked stepmother look from her face and she was totally evil when she finally revealed her truly self. I think the stepmother in this movie was not only wicked to Cinderella, but also to her daughters, Anastasia and Drisella, because, well, did you see their gowns during the movie? Yes, Lady Tremaine always looked so elegant and classy while her daughters looked totally dummy in whatever they wore. Their gowns in ball, that was what people call fashion disaster―there was a color explosion in pink and yellow 😈


Helena Bonham Carter, she deserves an Oscar for being so talented. I read on twitter someone wrote that she is a female version of Johny Depp, I second that. What role she cannot play?

  • Helena B. CarterA big-head wicked queen (Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland)? Check!
  • A poor, but kind-hearted mother (Mrs. Bucket in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory)? Check!
  • A chronic alcoholic lady who helps a vampire (Dr. Julia Hoffman in Dark Shadows)? Check!
  • A smart chimpanzee (Ari/Dr. Zira in Planet of The Apes)? Check!
  • An elegant and honorable queen (Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon or Queen Elizabeth in The King’s Speech)? Check!
  • An eccentric and crazy wicked wizard (Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter)? Check!

What else? You name it, she nails it. She actually has a long list of roles she has played and long list of award winning. Now, she makes herself will be forever remembered as a kind-hearted, but reckless fairy godmother in Cinderella. No need a long explanation for her acting. Oscar have to go to her one day! She is so professional, I mean, what woman who wants to be in the same location with her ex for a long enough time to shot a movie? Well, she is. The director of Cinderella is her ex, anyway, if you do not know about it yet 😛

All I can say to conclude this movie is good enough―not as good as I expected, but sufficient to fairy tale lovers, of course, and the standing ovation goes to those two ladies I have talked above―I do not even care with the Cinderella herself 😛

One thing I keep asking to myself: If everything made by the magic of the fairy godmother will disappear at 12 o’clock midnight, why the hell was the glass slippers not disappear? Well, they were magic slippers that did not fit to every feet but Cinderella’s, anyway. Who am I to ask.

So, remember, everyone, …

“Have courage and be kind.” ― Ella’s Mother.

Indonesian Women Authors Nowadays and Their Works

books__by_extrasist0leThese past few months, I have read several books from Indonesian authors while doing my thesis. You know, I absolutely did not want to spend my precious time only by being crazy for thinking of my thesis, so I asked a friend of mine, my walking library, the most bookworm friend I ever have (I always be the most bookworm before I met her and I believe she may marry a library if possible), Grace or I always call Gege or Tante Deis. She is also a blogger who posts all books she has read with many smart but not complicated comments. If you are interested to read her posts, here is her blog.

I would love to talk about the books of Indonesian authors in this post because I got something very different from the authors. They are woman and they have this creative minded that not all people may bless with. I am not a fan of Indonesian author, unless you are talking about Clara Ng, she is the goddess of Indonesian woman author in this era for me.

very yuppy wedFirst author is Ika Natassa. I have read her A Very Yuppy Wedding (2007) and Divortiare (2008). These two books are in not-so-good level for the story and the characters in it, but in a-very-smart level for the conversation. Why is it so? Because, I think, the author is lack of idea in making story and creating new characters. These two books have similarity in plot and the characteristics of characters, which is not so good for the readers, especially me who always want to get something new and not monotone.

The story of her books are always about a banker woman with an insane shopaholic nature meets a super-rich-too-perfect-to-be-true man.  The plot is so easy to guess that I think I do not need to read it till the last page, but I keep reading it till the last because the conversation is awesomely smart. She has something ticklish and smart in every conversation in her books and I cannot stop myself for admiring the way she bursts out her super creative skill in communication that she pours to her books.

I guess she cannot move on from making the main character as a banker woman because she herself is a banker woman who understand for a hundred percent how a banker woman lives her life and she cannot make something new for her novel because she herself is actually just a lucky girl for being Editor’s Choice of Cosmopolitan Indonesia magazine in 2008. I said so because she still cannot do something new for her works in writing and keep telling the readers same story with different name for the characters.

crashThe second writer is aliaZalea. Yes, with big Z in the middle, but small A for the initial. I have read her Celebrity Wedding (September 2011), Crash Into You (March 2011), and Dirty Little Secret (2014).  I categorize these three books of her as good enough. I like the way of the author in presenting the story; it is actually unique because every character in every book is related to each other, but it does not look so unless you read her novel completely since The Celebrity Wedding until Dirty Little Secret.

As well as Ika Natassa, aliaZalea also has good skill in making awesome conversation in her every work. It has crunchy narration and she gives different plot for every book which makes them even more awesome for me. Unfortunately, aliaZalea has a habit I name “I Believe The Main Character(s) Should Be Rich”Yes, just like Ika Natassa, I think aliaZalea loves to make the main character of her works as rich people. I know that I cannot limit the creativity of them, but I also can show them that happiness they offer to the readers seems based on wealthy. I do not like such story because even in fairy tale, not all the princesses born as the Royal Highness, so why do they need to give their readers an idea of happiness belongs to the wealthy people only?

love curseThe third writer is Karla M. Nashar. I have read her Ti Amore, Tia Amoria (2011) and Love, Curse, and Hocus-Pocus (2013). I think she is my favorite among these three woman authors. Her works have the combination of good things from two others; she makes good conversation for her novels, she puts plots, she makes her works unique and stunning, and the main character is not born as the Royal Highness.

I do not even know about her works until last week Grace lent me Ti Amo, Tia Amoria. The story is beautiful, the plot is stunning and making me cannot wait for the author reveals the mystery in her works, and she knows how to make sweet, but yummy conversation. There is a cute romance humor in it also and it makes the story even more beautiful for me. I like the way the author develops the story and makes the reader wondering in every chapter until she reveals the secret in the unexpected part of it.

Unfortunately, the author lost in her love to Italy. She cannot find any other place in this planet Earth for her works or, at least, just use one of the cities in Indonesia, do not fly too far to Italy just to make a good story. I know that an experience staying in new place, such as Italy, will last longer in mind, but it is not an appropriate reason, especially for readers who always crave for something new from their favorite author,  to set all of stories in Italy. I also do not think Italy men is so sexy that the author cannot stop herself making them as the main character.

The similarities among these three woman authors are they have a habit talking what they know only, they make the main character of their work too perfect as human being (though it is just fiction), and they have been hypnotized by the beauty of happily forever after ending, but I give them all my thumbs for using English well in the right timing and do not forget to use the English joke also, which not many people may understand how funny it is.

ttw2Since I have claimed Clara Ng as the goddess of Indonesian woman author in this era, I think I need to tell you about the differences of Clara Ng, from my point of view, with the other three woman authors above. First, Clara Ng never makes similar characteristic for every character in her every single work. It is not an easy thing to squeeze your brain in creating many kinds of unique characteristic, especially for her who has been making for more than 20 books in Metropop, Chicklit, and even Children category since 2002.

Second, she always has something to tell to her readers. She is not afraid of giving something new, something like talking about LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender), which is not every Indonesian writer brave enough to talk about. She always gives a new theme for every work of hers that make her fan, especially me, cannot wait for her next work. She does not stay in her comfort zone to tell her readers only what she knows now and not try to find some new materials to develop her skill, which are not done by the three woman authors above.

Third, she knows how to make smart, but not difficult to understand conversation. It may be a bit boring for those who read her work for the first time because in some of her works she rises difficult themes, such as Multiple Personality Disorder, LGBT, marriage that people always think as the gate of truly happiness, and so on, which later makes her need to make complicated conversation between characters, but does not make her readers feel dizzy afterward because it is easy, but not tuppenny. However, I believe everyone who loves reading knows it is only beautiful, smart, and stunning word she used for the conversation in all her works.

Fourth, she does not offer her readers a grandiose expectation. Most of novels nowadays, in Metropop and Chicklit category, always offer a sweet story with a happily ever after ending. Clara Ng does not so. Yes, she offers you a plot with a super sweet romance, super silly joke, and another super duper thingy you could find in a novel, but readers must hold their breath in the last chapters of some works of hers because the main point of a novel is not always the happy ending. As her fan, I always adore how she makes an unpredictable ending for her work that makes many people who think they are the greatest and know-everything-about-a-good-book-should-have-or-should-not readers feel cranky.

Well, I believe some of you say that I judge them (the three woman authors I talk about before Clara Ng) too much. However, all I have written above is just a temporary judgment because I realize that I am not reading all works of each author yet. My opinion about their works may change or stand still, but I do really hope something new for their next works or, at least, they do something to be no longer stuck in their comfort zone because they already have the skill to be as good as Clara Ng.

The Heirs – Another Love & Money Story from South Korea

The Heirs3Director: Kang Shin-Hyo
Writer: Kim Eun-Sook
Stars: Lee Min-Ho, Park Shin-Hye, Kim Woo-Bin
Genre: Romance
Release Date: October 9 – December 12, 2013
Language: Korean

The drama-makers of Korea really know how to transform an ordinary story becomes an amazing one. They did it again in this drama, The Heirs. What can I say about this drama? Awesome!

The story of this drama is so classic, if no one wants to call it cliche. The typical of Korea where a poor girl meets a rich boy, they fall in love, they do not get the blessing because of differences in their social status, they face so many troubles, they fall down, they rise up again, and we still do not know the ending of this drama because this drama is just aired until episode 17, so I still need to wait to tell you guys about the ending. Honestly, I want this week moves faster so I could know how the ending of this drama is, I guess it will be just as usual, the typical ending of Korean drama with so much happiness, but I still hope the director gives a bit surprise for this drama.

The power of this drama is in its casts. The director managed to use the most shining stars of 2013 in Korea for this drama and it is a great job, a well done decision. As I said in the beginning, the story of this drama is a classic story, so I think the reason behind the success of this drama in catching viewers is the casts. Well, you know, every Korean dramas lover knows Lee Min-Ho, Park Shin-Hye is a Korean lovely since so long, and Kim Woo-Bin, he is the real shining stars of this year in Korea and also in this drama for getting lots of fans in a blink of eyes. There are still many talented casts in this drama and I believe one or two or more or even all of them will make you in love with their characters.

I am not a fan of Korean dramas. This drama is the fifth Korean dramas I have ever watched so far and the one that can make me keep watching with no feeling of bored, like other two, and the one that cannot make me stop watching it so early, like another two else. So, I recommend this drama for you to download and watch. For sure, you will in love with the casts of this drama, especially Kim Woo-Bin who successfully makes me in love with a fragile bad boy characters he played as.

Since this drama is not only about romance, but also about the struggle for throne between two brothers, there is a famous phrase from this drama that can show us how the story goes:
“The one who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown”.

Habibie & Ainun

Habibie & AinunDirector: Faozan Rizal
Genre: Drama, Romance, Family
Release Date: 20 December 2012
Run Time: 118 minutes
Stars: Reza Rahardian, Bunga Citra Lestari

Another masterpiece of Indonesian movie makers. Habibie & Ainun, a true love story of The Third President of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. -Ing. B. J. Habibie, with his lovely wife, Hasri Ainun Besari. This sweet movie talked about their love since the first time they met until they are separated by death.

The story of this movie, which based on B. J. Habibie’s biography, began with the first met of Rudy Habibie (Reza Rahardian) and Ainun (Bunga Citra Lestari) when they were in high school. As the two smartest students, teachers and friends were often making fun of them by saying thay they were made for each other which later made Rudy hated Ainun and told her that she looked like Java-coconut-sugar because she was black. The time jumped to the moment they were graduated; Rudy as an engineer from Germany and Ainun as a pediatrician. Love appeared at the first sight between them after long time never met when Rudy brought a cake for Ainun’s family in Ramadhan. For Rudy, Ainun was no longer the black Java-coconut-sugar, but the white and sweet granulated sugar only.

Ainun, who was the loveliest maiden at that time, had many admirers, but the one she loved most was only Rudy. They married a few months later, precisely at 12 May 1962, and then Rudy returned to Germany shortly afterwards with his wife. Lived in Germany was not easy for them, lack of money was what they had to face mostly at that time, but the power of their love made them survived and fought until they had their established position. Rudy showed that he was not the one to be underestimated by the Germany. Bad thing appeared suddenly when a doctor told Ainun that she got ovarian cancer and fortunately, she survived.

Rudy as a genius person of Indonesia, had a big dream to make a plane for his country. This big dream slowly came true. Rudy was made Chief Executive Officer of the new state-owned enterprise  Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara (IPTN) in 1974. His career in Indonesia increased from time to time, but not easy at all, but his dream to make a plane came true as Gatotkoco on 1995. In 1998, crisis happened in Indonesia and reforms took place with the students demanded that President Soeharto to step down. Rudy then was appointed to replace Soeharto, but it was not long before people accused him of corruption until he decided not to run for president again. In all that time and moment, Ainun was always there to support him, to be his medicine, to be a shoulder for him to lean on and to cry on together.

Happiness returned to their life, but unfortunately the ovarian cancer of Ainun appeared again and even more severe. This time, she could not survive like before. Rudy did everything to save the life of the only woman he loved the most, but nothing he could do if death came.

This movie is not only showing the romanticism between Prof. Habibie and his wife, Ainun, but it is showing the political condition of Indonesia at that time also. Indonesian also can see how the people in Germany have a great respect to Prof. Habibie, while Indonesian appointed him did corruption. Habibie & Ainun is not only a drama-romance movie, but also a historical and political movie at the same time.

I would love to say that this movie is one of the greatest movies that Indonesian has ever had. The acting of the two main actors are really impressive, especially the one who played as Prof. Habibie, Reza Rahardian. At the first minute I saw him, I do not have any idea that Prof. Habibie looked that idiot or Reza was just too much over act, but in the middle of the movie I realized that he was really looked like Prof. Habibie; the way he walked, the way he talked, even the way he sat. All Prof. Habibie’s cleverness is seen in Reza’s eyes. I gave all the thumbs I have for Reza’s act in this movie. For the one who played as Ainun, Bunga Citra Lestari, actually she also gave her best for this movie, but I do not have any comment about her performance whether it really looked like the real Ainun or not, becasue during her life, Ainun rarely appeared in public.

But, even though I said that this movie is one of the greatest Indonesian movies ever, this movie still has some shortages. Firstly, the appearance of the sponsor product in some scenes were very disturbing and did not make sense, because a product even have not existed yet at the time this movie set. Secondly, the kissing scenes of Habibie & Ainun which for me was not appropriate with the eastern culture, moreover the actress who played as Ainun, Bunga Citra Lestari, is a woman who has a husband and a son. The kissing act were also could be changed into another act; did not need to kiss in lips, it could be changed into kiss in cheeks or hands for more romantic. It did not talk about their professionalism in act, but in our culture, those scenes was not good to be seen by people. I think that the director got too many influences from western movie.

Overall, this movie contains a very nice love story. By this movie, we could see that the real true love is not Romeo and Juliet who tragically suicided to keep their love to each other, but Habibie and Ainun who grew old together and separated by destiny of death only. This movie is a good movie to end the 2012, but I think this movie would get more moviegoers if released right on Valentine’s day 😉

The (Un)Reality Show

Writer: Clara Ng
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication date: February, 2005
Pages: 352 pages, 20 cm
Language: Indonesia

Two words to describe this book, shockable and unpredictable. This book is not a new book, it has been published since 2005, but the novel from one of my favorite Indonesian writers, Clara Ng, is reprinted with new cover –and I just bought it several days before and just finished it two days ago.

The (Un)Reality Show tells us about 8 ordinary people (3 women, 1 little girl, and 4 men) with 8 different characteristics from 8 different backgrounds, randomly selected, and have to live under one roof as part of a TV show, The (Un)Reality Show. They act as themselves, live their lives as usual in their daily, but all their steps is recorded by all cameras in the home where they live (exclude toilets and bedrooms). One challenge per week should be done and no rejection. We can imagine, how if 8 never-met-before people live in a house for seven weeks and their characteristics in opposition to each other? The whole house is at sixes and sevens almost everyday!

But, the story is not only that simple. In every chapter, readers will find many shockable story from every characters in this novel. There is Primus, the most good-looking man who love to wear cartoon print underwear; Jodi, an irritable man who can not forget his past; Feivel, an anxious man with sexual disorder; Richard, a quiet man who served time in prison for killing; Wendy, a cheerful woman with bad experience from her past; Tara, the sexiest and most beautiful woman who can read and depends on tarot cards for everything; Azuza, a ten years old mature-minded girl whose parents are lesbian couple; and Meiying, a Chinese housewife who is not ready to be a wife, but want it to be. In the end of this book, readers will know that they are same. Hmm, what I mean? Hahaha 😀 You should read this novel, The (Un)Reality Show, to find the answer and I promise you a very unpredictable ending.

The (Un)Reality Show still contains Clara Ng’s favorite topic, sexual disorder. Clara Ng knows how to make readers think more about it and let them choose whether it is acceptably or not, because most of us still think that sexual disorder is an unspoken topic, but nowadays it is not anymore. This novel also gives us explanation about an illness, an unusual illness called Dissociative identity disorder or most people known as Multiple Personality. It will remind us about the story of The Minds of Billy Milligan, if you have read this book or at least know the story –I only know it, not read it yet 😛 Hey, I give you the answer just now! Hffftttt 😕 But, you must be still curious about the story in this novel, is it?

Overall, this novel is interesting. No wonder, the writer is my favorite writer. Hehehe 😛 But, I think the story in the middle of this novel is a bit monotonous and it makes me feel a little bored of the story. This part is about the challenge per week and they are not too nerve-racking as challenges, so I did not feel challenging to read it. Another thing which makes less worth for this novel is many typographical errors in almost every chapter.

The power of this book is on the characteristics of every character that create many problems among them and the writer creates them successfully. I also have read some reviews about this book and most of them do not really like about the ending. They wrote that the ending is too forced to be, but for me, it is a very good ending of an Indonesian novel. Indonesian readers must be know, most of novels in book store in Indonesia now is just about love and standard story with very-easy-to-predict ending, always two-never-met-before-boys-and-girls-suddenly-meet-in-an-unexpected-situation-then-fall-in-love-but-there-are-some-accidents-they-are-apart-but-in-the-end-they-have-their-happily-ever-after. Such a boring book to read! But The (Un)Reality Show is totally different, that is why I do not know why those people think this book has a weird ending.

This novel creates one question in my mind: “How if our life now is not really ours?”