Hello, Dragonflies!

Call her Tilly Wan. She is a South Celebes girl, precisely Makassar, who has Buginese, Dutch, and Germany ancestry in her blood. She loves writing since she was a little girl and, officially, cannot live  without writing ever since. She loves to read novel and comic, she addicts to red, and she loves western songs and movies, that is why do not be surprised if she loves to write and speak in English. She is a Sarjana Sastra (Bachelor of Arts) from English Department of Faculty of Letters, Hasanuddin University, Makassar.

Born in April 1992 as the first of three children. She loves food so much, but she always intend to diet and always failing as much as her intentions. She loves to make people laughing and always put her parents at the peak of her priority. She can be very quiet one time and super talkative in another time―yeah, weird―, but she can not be bothered at all when reading, so do not even try to do so!

She is a wallflower in a certain time, a librocubicularist every single time she has new books, a day-dream expert, a full-time antagonist face whose heart so protagonist, a professional fake-smile, an ailurophile, a phaneromania, and she believes that she is the reincarnation of Snow White. She spends most of her time to dreaming too much and too high. She loves to design her future life, future wedding, and future home.

It is her second blog and it started since December 3, 2009.

Want to know her more or want to contact her? Find her in:


Tilly Wan




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  1. hahaha ,cantiiip…..
    bah cantiiip…..
    talkative,,, yea….
    so crewet…
    kursus jadi orang yg bener ya…

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